Gillani is just an escapegoat!

  • This is exactly what PPP was looking for.. they should thank to Supreme court which has given fresh blood to a politically dying party. Gilani is just an escapegoat. Now, PPP will start protests country-wide and try to gain sympathies again.. Aakhir agla election bhi to jeetna hai!

  • the word is scapegoat not escape goat

  • @gv, thanks for the correction.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Faisal Bhai

    I think its too late.Even a sentence to public execution will not serve the purpose of Siasi Shaheed.In fact people might be quite happy.

    Gillani is not a scapegoat.He exactly know what he is doing.

    He prefered Party over Pakistan.

  • Scapegoat or not and does not matter the consequences. PM did not follow court orders and was penalized as a result of that.

    Good work by SC.

  • SC decision appears to be a slap on the wrist of PM. There is no real punishment. If such high profile cases are to have this sort of outcome, courts should not waste time and resources on them. Law and punishment in our society is reserved for ordinary folks only. Our system has yet to stand up to the excesses of the rich and powerful.

  • right...geelani ko saza-e-mott, Zardari ko life imprisonment aur PPP as a party and its all workers and MNAs and MPAs and their family members should have been banned for life.

    I feel SC decision was appropriate. This is a job well done by SC.

  • Not exactly, but millions of loot should be worth some consequence. It may not be SC fault either. Our law and constitution appears to have been written to protect the excesses of power.

    SC should recognize that fact and stop trying to disprove the obvious.

  • This case was about not acting on court's orders. It was'nt really about millions of loot.

    1 jurm = 1 saza

    There is another case in progress related to loot money aka NRO case and Yunis Habeeb case and Hudabia paper mills case etc.