Qabar ka trial----story of ghazwa

  • If bilawal and bakhtawar want their mother to go to heaven and prevent her from going to hell, then they should not only return the looted money but also force other people to bring it back to the poor nation

    The 95 arab dollars out side the country is the looted money of the poor people of pakistan that includes all poor people of sind, punjab, kpk and balochistan. If this money comes back it will help the poor people of this country.

    I don’t understand the meaning of ” qabar ka trial”. It is done only when authoritarian rulers are thrown out of power. Most of the time it is done after their demise. Who so ever is involved, whether dead or alive, the looted money should be brought back to this country. The dead person will certainly have to answer to God, but the money should be given back to the poor country

    In a ” ghazwa” when prophet is present in the war. One sahabi became shaheed , his dead body was brought to the prophet for “namaz a janaza”, suddenly prophet face became red with anger and refused to do that, the reason being he said that this man is a cheater he stole maal a ghanimat after killing the kuffaar.

    Dead sahabi’s body was searched for , and found a pearl necklace. Imagine money matters are so important that even prophet refused to perform namaz a janaza for a sahabi who died in war fighting for Islam. This is a lesson that teaches that no body is exempt from punishment for money matters even if he is dead, fought in holy war and his or her namaz a janaza was not performed by the prophet. No body can argue with the acts of prophet, no exceptions.

    After the death of my dad our mother asked us to return the money to different people that he owed. We returned the money . At least we tried to close one of the path or road to leading to hell and we were happy on this act

  • Gulraiz , May allah shower his peace and blessing on our prophet , what a fine post.

    Jazak allah khair for writing these gems

    Unfortunately , the world around us is moving so recklessly , no one hardly notices that every action is being monitored and is answerable.

    May Allah guide us to watch our actions , and guide our lustful leaders and awam to learn to earn the halal way


    And please keep spreading the good words , it has an effect.

    As they say , you cant change people's minds but you can change the environment

  • thank you mr. jabalaltariq

    please don't forget us in your prayers