Contempt of Court -- November 3 Violaters

  • On the Eve of NOv 3 , 2007 , a full bench of SC comprising 7 judges that any emergency / pco would be illegal and any one cooperating , acting upon that would violate that order.

    That order eventually became the basis for dismissing PCO judges .

    Now question is that all the corps cmdrs and then ISI chief (current coas) also acted on that order. When SC is going to call these UNIFORMED ANGELS ??

    or all this judiciary is for elected reps ???

  • @SA

    Why you put this topic to discuss, no one reply this.

    Here every one is TAMASHBEEN, when free to kill time start discussion here.

    Now seriously, still we are a security state and in this scenario it is impossible to give some kind of punishment to real RULERS of Pakistan. History will examine the effort and struggle of current government in a good manner. I know lot of come with lame of execution which is totally irrelevant to this topic mean corruption and governance.

    The real achievement of this government is the continuity, if this system will continue next 15 years, you will find that this special mind set getting lesser and lesser.

    After that you will start the journey towards the welfare state, till that people who support democracy must continue their support for the sake of continuity. If it break then you have to start from beginning.

    And for real rulers contempt of court you have to wait till finishing of above process explained.

  • A good neat and clean answer of people of Pakistan to puppet group of judges of write wing and establishment..........

  • Sad to see people showering convicted PM with rose petal; he and any of his kind in uniform or civilian should be punished hard enough and make an example out such cases.

    Shame on Gillani, PPP and so called alliance.

  • when no logic then come to dushnam

    this is good because this bias judiciary....... i m ready for contempt and this is not from now since restoration of these judges.

    check my posts

  • @sharif aadmi

    The judiciary is not for elected reps because he has done nothing significant against the elected reps. Concerning the judgement passed against Gilani saab, what a waste of time and energy, they could have passed this judgement 3 months ago.

    Just plain waste of media and people time.

    It would have made a little more sense if u had said is judiciary apart of the political establishment.

  • @expakistani

    I agree with u, however should not NS be trialed for the havoc he did against CJ of his era. That was much more worse than what Gilani saab did.

  • 1- It is not wise to take on to multiple bulls at the same time.

    2- do you expect a corrupt prosecution would have taken those cases to court?

    3- Popular vote took those Nov 3, 2007 culprits out anyway. Today, the master mind is wishing to come back without any hope.

  • khan jee

    Where is kiyani ? Did popular vote bank took him ? Wasn't he part and parcel of regime which put judges behind bar ??

    Wasn't Gen.Wayne or all current generals were part and parcel of that shameful act of BAHDUR FAUJ ?

    And if we buy your popular vote bank theory , then why not give the same chance to civilains which are infact answereable to masses ???

  • @Respect

    Bhai read my post again..

    "he and any of his kind in uniform or civilian should be punished hard "

    NS is defiantly kind of Gillani, any one who is not following law of land is kind of Gillani... why just pick NS, SS and Gillani...