What if a political party’s head dies, assassinated or incapacitated?

  • What if a political party’s head dies, assassinated or incapacitated?

    The question may be daringly rude or rationally crude but we might not have AA Zardari or BB Zardari put on our head today, had someone asked a question to Benazir about her succession in 2007.

    What do you think what will happen to each party if its head is not available to lead. Tell us, if a party’s succession procedure is defined in its constitution. What will happen to the party politically?


    No brainer if AA Zardari dies but what will happen to PPP if both AA Zardari and BB Zardari are gone?

    Faryal Talpur and Asifa Zardari will be declared as the co-chair girls of PPP. What do you think where will they find the will this time?





    JI: No need to explain

  • PMLN:Hamza Shehbaz is in waiting list.

    PTI:No one currently, and unless PTI build true Democratic system such as that of JI,any such thing will lead to a sudden chaos and anarchy in the country due to the rapidly growing favor for IK.And PTI supporters will not support anyone else,not if there is a genuine party election to elect a new head.I wish if anysuch thing happens(Khakambadehn) then either JH or AQ khan takes the lead.

    MQM:I think,it will first lead to series of killings throughout the Karachi,and it won't stop until two or three thousand people are murdered.After that MQM will ellect a new head,may be Afaq will also try to get in.But they will get over it.They have many senoir leaders and one of them will become through intra party elections.

    ANP:I think it will be the end of ANP itself.

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