PML-N have any strong candidate in KPK,,,,

  • I think pml n week in kpk,,,if some body have information about this plz share here...

  • Yes PMLN is weak but after the inclusion of Amir Muqam together with fellows MPs and after Gohar Ayub expected inclusion and saifullahs will stregthen it a bit and seat adjustment with JI and JUIF will make it interesting

  • ok i think pml n ,ji,juf run election together

  • Joint Venture PTI+PPP WON in the by election i.e 1 Punjab Assembly seat in Multan by the margin of about 400 votes.

    This is a lesson for those people who wanna get rid of zardari by supporting imran khan.

    They should know that supporting imran khan will mean another 5 years of zardari and co.

    Thats why Zardari is enjoying PTI &PMLN biting each other b/c he knows this is eventually benefits him and he or any ppp member hardly criticizes Imran b/c they knows very well about the ground reality that this is gonna win-win situation for Zardari.

  • LOL.

    Ameer Muqaam. He will get epic phainty by PTI in shangla this time. Just wait and watch him burn there

    As for Khan bahi

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Chal rehn de. Chawliaaan marni baand kerdo meray Kura League ke bahio.

  • @Insaftak,

    No they are right, it doesnt get any stronger than Amir Muqam; Physically :) :)

  • No strong candidate, so are we saying that they do not have bogus vote machinery in KPK?

    who has control over there?

  • If Mianwali was in KPK,PTI could win one seat from there

    But alas

    Mianwali is in Punjab

  • as comapred to 2008 eelctions where they only managed to get very few seats onlt in abbottabad, haripur, manshra only their position is better now. But ofcourse not strong

  • Other than Hazara PMLN is very weak in KPK they might win a seat or two outside Hazara but their is no way they will be able to form a govt. in KPK.

  • infact right now no party seems to be in a position to form the government; right now juif seems to be emerging as strong party as far as elections politics is concerned;