Imran Khan: biggest supporter of status quo

  • IK interview to Talat Hussain on 26-04-2012:

    1. The government has filed appeal against the SC verdict. We will decide our course of action after the due process is complete.

    After the due process is complete? Gillani is a convict now. I'm not saying this, Justice (R) Wajihuddin who is in the PTI clearly said that Gillani is a convict now. He is no more member of National Assembly. Secondly, government has not filed review petition as yet.

    2. We do not want to topple the government. People would say look, IK has toppled the government when next elections were due in 6 months time.

    IK does not want to topple the government but he demands from PML-N to resign from the assemblies.

    3. This is for the first time in the judicial history that the SC has ever punished a big fish. (Referring to contempt of court judgment).

    IK better study the judgments passed by the SC since last 7 years or so specially after Iftikhar Chaudhry became the CJ.

    4. We do not accept 2008 general elections.

    On 12 April 2008, IK and Justice ® Tariq Mehmood were on the show ‘Off the Record’ discussing post-election scenario. TM said “Results of 2008 elections must be accepted by all.” IK did not say a word on this.

  • IKO(Murtid) is Puppet in the hands of GHQ ,USA and Israeel. Remember he never spoke a word against Army on Abotabad Issue . he also hadnt Speak Against Kiyani On NRO issue as we all know that Kiyani Negotiated With BB on Nro. and he never challanged NRO in courts as well . He didnt speak a word agisnt Pasha on Raymond Davis Issue as well . When he was Doing Dhrna drama against Drones . he never Perform any Dhrana in front Off GHQ as we all know that Drones r coming with the planing Of GHQ. PLZ remember a story Of Daily Ummet as well which was initially Published in American Newspaper which indicates that IK(Murtid) along with Gen.Pasha first held a meeting with USA and israeli officials Before Dharna drama started against Drone Attacks. In this meeting it was decided That Ik(Murtid) will stage Sit inns against Drone attack so that He can gather Support of Innocent Pakistanis and shows them that he is anti USA. According to that report it was also decided that Ik(Murtid) will hold 1st sit-in in Peshawar and it was happened exactly like that . Now plz tell me was Ik(Murtid) a kid who didn’t know that Drones attacks are coming with the aprovel of GHQ and ISI.??? That clearly shows that he held a meeting with USA and israeli officials. plz justify his meeting with israelis . was that not sign of that He is Murtid..??

  • U two are giving him much more credit, he is nothing but a pawn in the game of chess played by Zardari, the later knew very well that his way of ruling Sindh, Balochistan and his allies in KPK would definitely will give land-sliding victory to PML-N in next elections and the media and the civil society will make it really difficult for them to do the corruption in the way they are doing it today!!! so what is the cure, if PPP Had taken PML-N as PTI, then that would have not helped them at all, so what they did, through Pasha they fed IK and his party, Pasha did his job right and now SNOBBY IK thinks that he is already a PM of Pakistan... and have done his job right, i.e. taking the attention away from the real issues and making allegation of everything on earth on NS and PML-N.....

    Now i donot have to put proves here, one can just look at the things how they unfolded in last 2 years or so, when NRO was thrown out of Parliament because PML-N and MQM was not ready to endorse it and later have created problems for the sitting govt... in order to tackle and punish both, on one hand, Zardari through Mirza created Aman Committees who hit MQM hard and Karachi is now like Beirut of 80s... where every party control certain areas and law enforcing agencies just sit aside and count bodies.. and as for general public, PPP give a shyt about them...

    In Punjab and rest of the Pakistan, Zardari had IK in form of Zulfiqar Mirza, the task given to IK was to not to utter a word against the govt, just call them corrupt and move on with the propaganda that NS is mother of all the evils and country is suffering not because of the policies and management of Zardari's govt but because of NS...