Who will remain most close contest constituencies in General election 2012/13

  • NA-130 Lahore, In history none win this constituency ever with more than 2500 votes...this time again it will go as one of the hardest constituency...Must mention other with facts...

  • I guess NA 69 is the one to look far. where PTI and PMln Wil go neck to neck . so as NA 152 here also the contests will be tough .

  • If it is free and fair unlike the 2008 bogus election, PTI will sweep and there will not be much neck and neck stuff going on.

  • وہ تمام حلقے جہاں پر مسلم لیگ کے ممبران قومی اسمبلی کی اکثریت بیس ہزار ووٹ سے کم تھی ٢٠٠٨ کے انتخابات میں

  • @ respect

    and if PTI lose than what will b the reason ??

  • @respect....Now leave this "darama" of bogus votes...now lists are fair....still PTI is not participating just to enhance Zardari Raj...why now PTI is not Participating??? if Due to Zardari.... Remember 2012-13 election too would be conducted under his presidency...so what is there moral ground nowwwww..................

  • Siphai jee


    If it is free and fair unlike the 2008 bogus election, PTI will sweep and there will not be much neck and neck stuff going on.


    If PTI doesn't speak that means that it won't be fiar and free elections ??? Right ?

    Then whats the need of elections or whatsoever.

    From the tone of PTI i m reminded of jamatis. In 90's they used to say , 'Hukmoot hamarey hawaley kii jaai warna


  • If it is free and fair unlike the 2008 bogus election, PTI will sweep and there will not be much neck and neck stuff going on.<<<

    Hehehehehehehe.....Yes sirrr eeee, I for one happen to be the biggest believer and follower of such a theory. PTI will sweep just as it did in 2002 and before that in 1997. BTW, 2002 happen to be the most genuine elections in the history of Pakistan since a legislator named Sir Imran Khan, Arch Duke of Lala Land swept a certain constituency of Mianwali.

  • The status quo forces don't realize that in kay saath kia honay wala hay in the next General Elections,

  • @Wiki Bhai,

    Please give us a little preview of it....please please please.

  • @Wiki Bhai, You are absolutely right. Establishment has ruled our beloved country since 65 yrs, 33 directly and rest through puppet governments like IGI and PMLQ.In order to maintain their Status Quo they are planning another puppet government in the form of PTI. But in the coming elections their supremecy will be broken and Inshallah anti Status Quo PMLN will make a clean sweep.

  • @ IP

    INSHALLAH Brother

  • IP & CH801

    U accept that NS was a puppet in the hands of establishment in his previous tenures ???

  • @ Sharif Aadmi

    bro it is fact that Miyan nawaz Shaif started his politics under Miltry Establishmenthe remains under army influence till 88 . afther that Miyan sahb has become a anti establishmunt politition. U can see that Miyan sahb Fought against 6 army chiefs .

  • شریف آدمی جی

    نواز شریف کے بارے میں آپکی رائے سے اتفاق کرتا ہوں کہ اسکا اسٹبلشمنٹ مخالف رویہ صرف ڈرامہ بازی ہے


    اپنے اقتدار کی خاطر جرنیلوں کو منت ترلے  کرکے مدت ملازمت میں  توسیع دینے  والوں  اور اپنے کپڑے تک  اتار کر فوجیوں کے سپرد کر دینے والوں کے بارے میں کیا خیال ہے؟

    کیا وہ انٹی اسٹبلشمنٹ ہیں؟

  • @ Bawa Bhai

    the person in first catagory is Known as Zardari while the person in 2nd catogory means "Kapray uttar ker dene walon" is Known as IMRAN KHAN . and he is Master in Licking Toes of Army Genrals . as he already in his 16 year old political carrer licked the toes of 3 Genrals. 1. Musharf 2.Kiyani 3.Pasha . And army also like IK'S way of licking .

  • NS is different from Bhutto,Chaudharies,IK and BN in that he NEVER welcomed any martial law

    He just started his politics when there was ALREADY martial law in the country

    But all others have the history of WELCOMING martial laws

  • @volicano .

    yes u r right bro . by the way u know chauday family is a only family in pakistan who welcomed every single martial law. while IK also licked the toes of 3 army genrals .

  • @chaudhry

    Did yu see todays programm on express news live(shahzeb khanzada) from NA 148, From people reaction looks like Shah Mahmood is gone.

  • @ Zufi bhai

    i have told u erlier that Shah Mehmood is history in NA 148 . he cant win . check my posts in what is the current situation of ur constituency .