Nawas Sharif copied Imran Khan's April 26th Press Conference

  • Just watched BaRay Mian Nawaz Sharif live from Model Town. The content of his statements were exact copy of Imran Khan yesterday's PC on the eve of Prime Ministers conviction.

    Things look panicky within the Nawaz group. PMLN is towing the Peoples of Insaf line.

  • Good thread

    Here is what the Great Khan said

    PTI waiting for final SC verdict in contempt case to oust govt. On Friday he said the party don’t want to oust the government till the appeal in Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s contempt case was pending before the Supreme Court: Imran

    and here is what NS said

    Entry of convicted PM to parliament disgrace to democracy, judiciary: Nawaz

    IK is clearly a very visionary leader and wants to give Zardari govt full time until 'final' SC verdict comes.......which after all the appeal options could be in 6-12 months time.

  • Compare these two sets of videos. Here are the copied contents to listen to:

    • Yousuf Raza is not a Primeminister anymore

    • We will come to street

    • All being done for the corruption of Zardari

    • Youth (the word N o o r a site ridicules of) should come with us.

  • Even Najim Sathi said in Sana Butch's today program that it is not a Mian Sahib's temperament of threat and agitation. He had to do it because of Imran Khan.

    Things are not in favor of those who are behind the curve.

  • cant play videos at work but i suppose content is as per text reported in the nation newspaper above

  • @Khan bro when did sana bucha nd najam sethi said that NS took hard line bcoz of IK? They said it was bcoz of the party feedback. So plz don't misstate anything related to it.

  • Gilani no more PM after SC ruling: Nawaz

    LAHORE: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif said the Office of Prime Minister of Pakistan is vacant after the judgement of Supreme Court convicting Yousuf Raza Gilani of contempt of court, Geo News reported.

    Briefing the media after a consultative meeting to discuss the post-SC verdict situation, Nawaz said party's Central Working Committee would elaborate more on the matter in a meeting to be held Monday in Islamabad.

    PML-N was of the view that Yousuf Raza Gilani is no more a member of National Assembly let alone being the Prime Minister, he said.

    All the actions carried out by the PM and his ministers have no legal authority, PML-N chief said.

    Threatening to launch an all out campaign against the PM, Nawaz announced to protest at all levels if he continues to hold the office. He said all options are open including Long March and protest in and outside the parliament.

    Nawaz said people like Gilani must be punished adding that the SC has declared him ineligible for five years.

    Blaming President Zardari for all the ills facing the country, Nawaz said the whole nation has been forced to suffer on $60 million looted money deposited in Swiss accounts.

    “If we allow and accept the convicted PM and ineligible cabinet to continue, we have no right to be in politics," He added.

  • Of course Nawaz Sharif copies Imran Khan.

    He decided to have a hair transplant only after seeing Imran Khan "re-cover" his "teend" through hair transplant.

  • @Adonis

    Ok, here we go again. You really want to trash this thread also and help making this site like many others? Here is the bait:

    The only place where Nawaz Sharif did not copy Imran Khan is that he did not fool around with women during his younger years (not even female reporters in his golden age). On the contrary he kept a watchful eye on his children especially his daughters so they do not have mishaps.

  • مجھے لگتا ہے اب نواز شریف , سٹینڈ لے ہی لے گا .. سینٹ کے الیکشن بھی ہوگئے , ضمنی الیکشن بھی ہوگئے ..کچھ ق لیگی کے لوٹے بھی جمع کرلیے (یہاں بھی عمران کی کاپی ) بہت اچھا چانس ہے ہیرو بننے کا یہ بھی گنوا دیا تو ن ہوگی زیرو . ویسے نواز شریف کو ذرا چوٹھے بھائی کی طرح مائیک وغیرہ گرانا چاہیے تھے .. بہت کمزور سی دھمکی دیتے ہیں .بڑے شریف صاحب... پریسس کونفرسس سے پہلے اگر سلطان راہی کی دو مووی دیکھیں تو ذرا بات میں جوش اور وزن آجائیگا

    But honestly i don't think he copied imran .. They seem to have same position on this issue and it is the only logical position any opposition party should have .

  • there is so much more they copied as well, nothing new here.

  • What a pathetic thread!!

  • This thread shows "lack of maturity" of Pakistani electorate.

    Who cares who said it first, real issue is who strategize to achieve best result for Pakistan.

    Why should one be surprised with the results of election with immature electorate.

  • Guys guys guys, dont be so tough on be fair to Nawaz Sharif, he was referring to the same issue as did Imran Khan, hence views on the issue must almost be same and if any overlapping and crisscrossing it is because of both these leaders lambasting Gilani and PPP for not adhering to the SC orders....

  • Justice Wajihuddin (PTI) has clear opinion that PM has been disqualified, why IK is hesitant to accept the verdict to this extent.

  • I fully agree with the poster who initiated this thread which is as usual dripping with pearls of wisdom. NS is nothing but a cheap plagarist who has no sanity of his own and tends to copy everything off of Sir Imran Khan, Archduke of Waco, Texas. Some of the examples of plagarism are as follows:

    • 2009 Long March - NS the copycat initiated this move just to belittle P0nka Khan who less then a year earlier had successfully kick started a campaign to restore the judges from Ibrahim Hyderi Village in Karachi with a handful of people. As the movement grew, so did the number of people swelled and by the time this movement reached the outskirts of Islamabad; it encompassed almost the whole of population of Pakistan.

    CJ was restored on the face of this movement but NS had him de-notified again so that an agitation can be launched again in 2009 which would lead to PML-N ultimately taking the credit.

    • Kerry-Lugar Bill - Again PML-s firm stand was deplorable to say the least caused it reeked of cheating and stealing the ideas of Hazrat Imran Khan Surmawala's valiant stand against Colin Powell and Richard Armitage and numerous treaties signed between Mushrraf and Uncle Sam; resulted in Pakistan devising a totally independent foreign policy which was devoid of American inteference.

    • India-Pakistan reproachment, 1999 - NS again played the part of a weasel to perfection by hosting Atal Behari Vajpai and making significant progress towards defusing tensions between India and Pakistan. These overtures should never have been credited to NS since Bill "Imran Khan" Graham had already paved the way for cordial bilateral relationships with India by intensively mingling with Indian people at the grass root level, please see proof of such a harmonious relationship:

    • Nuclear Tests, 1998 - This was a blatant attempt at supreme cheating by NS since just a few months earlier, Imran "David Koresh" Khan had farted inside the same underground tunnels of Chaghi Mountain range. Interestingly, Imran Khan's farts yielded 10,000 kilotons and the reverberations were measured at 15 on the richter scale. The after affects of this massive explosion later went on to generate Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami of 2004.

  • Can someone please take a note at Johnny Depp's unscrupulous attempt at replicating and cloning an Ilzami:

  • @Sipahi

    "Justice Wajihuddin (PTI) has clear opinion that PM has been disqualified, why IK is hesitant to accept the verdict to this extent"

    That may be Justice Wajih's personal or professional opionion as a jurist, judge and tajzia nigar...however this is not IK's stance.

    also since Wajih left PTI some 'prominent personalities' have joined IK's party at senior positions ....hence IK's policy is alligned with such senior paty members

  • Speaking of Justice Wajih....what exactly is he up to these days since he was so unceremoniously dumped and discarded in favour of "prominent personalities."