The Long March/Tsunami March Game

  • Just my two cents

    PTI as a party has the most to gain from this and PML(N) are in a no win situation here. LOL they deserve it for saving Zardari's behind for four years.

    1. PTI yesterday said we will launch a Tsunami March against the government if it defied the Supreme Courts decision and Prime Minister refused to resign. PML(N) came out today with basically the same thing and said we will launch long March against Government effectively launching a "Go Gilani GO" campaign.

    and that's where the problem lies for PML(N) because if you bring out people on streets then it will be really hard to send them back to their homes and given how each political party looks out for their interests and have certain views on political personalities. PTI might not just stick to the "GO Gilani GO" campaign and might turn it into "GO Zardari GO" Campagin and thus bringing the whole system on verge of collapse.

    This is an interesting quote from Nawaz Sharif today.

    “Gilani should have mercy on the country’s system and step down from his illegal post.

    The quote clearly indicates that PML(N) is well aware of the dangers of bringing out people on the streets.

    so the question here is, Are PML(N) Walas ready for the "Go Zardari GO" campaign because People are not going back to their homes from Gujranwala this time.

  • @insaftak

    No I disagree with u, noon league will try to steal the limelight of PTI by going onto the streets whilst PTI are out.

    Imagine scenerio

    PTI have come out on streets, then NS comes out on the streets as well. Noon League claiming they came out for awam, trying to gain some political milage.

  • @ Khan Ji

    aap yeh be par lein.

    aur yeh be sun lein.