Pmln thought process

  • Pmln has realized the threats based on few things which moved in last 48-72 hours.

    A. Supreme court mentioned article 63 G in short order which means detailed judgement will carry more details on disqualification (remember 6 options)

    B. PP-194 election was an eye opener where PTI and PPP joined hands and exploited the vulnerability which Pmln will face in next general election where such collaboration will only increase.

    C. KPK govt. announced local bodies election ( at least intention) to have their ppl in some power at the time of general elections, sindh will follow it soon putting pressure on punjab. This will be the master stroke to undermine the next general elections. Without new voters list it will have less legitimacy and Pmln will be in trouble as PTI won't participate on voting list issue and will support ppp to weaken Pmln.

    D. Yesterday's decision brought some ppp voters out. Putting more burden on supreme court means more such decisions hence more ammunition for ppp to mobilize its worker.

    So Pmln has no option but to come out and try to oust govt else they will be trapped badly. That's why NS will be forced to take a risk to go out with maximum risk (including a situation which might involve third party ). He will be forced to go with maximum force.

    As far as PTI is concerned it needs sometime if they really want to build a sustainable base however IK is I'll advised on supporting PPP. Because any such action ( Ppp support) will eventually hurt his very focused internal revamp efforts and leave him no time to encash tsunami. Early elections will force him to compromises both in candidate selection as well as seat adjustments. He should be careful at this stage as Allah has given him make or break chance.