Politics of Resignation- Trump card or political blunder?

  • A hypocrite autocratic self proclaimed leader of a Tanga Party is of the view that the opposition should enmass resign to show their commitment and force early elections, whereas he himself after playing iftari, sehri samosa, pakora politics and giving 4 easy yrs to the corrupt government wants to wait another probably 5-6 months until an appeal is decided, so they can give a date of another 6 months for the Tsunami March, in march 2013

    I have a few questions and hope we get some logical answers:

    1.List me Democratic countries in which complete Opposition resigned due to corrption of the Federal Government or to force early elections.

    2.Worlds biggest Majority India. Federal Government Congress and Opposition BJP. Congress does not have their government in the biggest state that is UP, same like PPP not having Punjab. Opposition BJP have their governments in so many states. This Congress Federal Government was the most corrupt in history of all scams more than billions eg. 2G, CWG Scam and so many sitting ministers in Jail presently, Anna Hazare campaign.Still Cong are running the show. Did you hear from any person in India and Media Anchors asking BJP to resign from the Federal and dissolve their governments in the respective states. NO. Did any one called them Friendly Opposition. NO. Economy failing, Thousands of Farmers committed suicide, Major Scams everyday. Because Democracy, wait till the elections.

    3. There was a time a few months ago when US was going to be bankrupt, such was the economic situation under Obama, did you hear anyone asking the republicans to resign. NO.Democracy wait till the elections.

    4. What if PMLN resigns and 91 seats are empty, PPP is not legally obliged to announce elections, it will only be a moral demand. PPP and morals are 2 poles of the hemispheres. Gillani morally has to go home now coz he is convicted but did you all heard his challenges yesterday. Or may be the 16 yr Failed Political leader thinks PPP has morals.

    5.PMLN dissolves Punjab assembly,very simple Governer rule till the General Elections, Burger kids would really enjoy it, as they would put the sauce on Khosa's Bald Head and swoop their french fries, but punjab people will really suffer

    6. According to constituition now, Interim governments have to be made in consultation with the PM and opposition leaders. Very simple,Maulana Diesel will become the opposition leader and will definitely make an 'un'bias government with Zardari to hold the elections. Burger kids will everyday protest for 20 minutes after sunset with their leader against this and disperse off peacefully when the happy hours start.

    7.Finding the parliment empty of any opposition, Zardari will pass unanimously and with majority as many bills and laws, resolutions required for the 'betterment' of Pakistan.

    So in order to hide your hypocricy dont put the country into more suffering and instability.

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  • @LHR,

    How did I not think about it? ;)

    What if SC upholds Gilani's appeal...than what? Would it mean that Gilani is righteous and pious and it would give Imran Khan the reason not to initiate any sort of agitation against this government?

  • muhtaram Siddiqi bhai

    In addition...IK's stance is consistent with the ONLY & REAL opposition in Pakistan

    Here is what Ch Mumble Hussain, also a fellow partner of Mush said..... who i believe is acting as the guardian and policy maker since the retirement of the officer incharge

    "Verdict doesn’t say Gilani no more PM.....PM could be called convicted only after an unfavourable decision on the appeal"


    However per the news this statement was given in the Museum! Would you know what could be significance of that

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  • This topic has become hot again. I dint get any answers from the ilzami sheep herds

  • Leave everything else and focus on the long march :)

    When is it starting?

  • Blunder.

  • Ok PMLN shouldn't resign for the "betterment" of this country,but can't they go to court against all they accusations of Rehman Malik.Whats stopping them? They think that Govrnment is corrupt,they should go to court.But they don't even do that.And if PMLN is serious in its opinion that resigning will bring more harm than good to Pakistan they should discuss it with all the stackholders of former APDM,including PTI.But I think that PMLN is still playing games.Bar associations have already refused to take a part in their Short March.They should look forward towards JI,JI can supply lots of scoundrels from Punjab university in Lahore.

    PTI will not take a part in their movement until they resign,because they do not want to be betrayed thrice.And I bet after burning its boats PMLN will not be in a position of any betrayal.

  • Resignations are the cost for N o o r a league to stay in politics. Else they will be swept away like helpless straws and will turn into mulch to be consumed in Raiwind form.

  • PMLN resignations will be mother of all blunders and i hope sense will prevail.