Rehman Malik fires back with corruption proofs againt Nawaz Sharif

  • In a response to Nawaz Sharif's threat of street protest against PeePeePee, Rehman Malik gave proofs to media. In a hastily called press conference he said that Nawaz Sharif had to come clean regarding the $32 million bribe he got in Mehran Bank scandal case. Nawaz Sharif was a defaulter of Pakistani Bank in excess of Rs. 6 billion.

    He also said that he had many proof of Sharif's wealth in overseas that was looted from Pakistan during Nawaz's rule in the 80s and 90s.

    It seems PeePeePee has responded to the "war", PMLN started yesterday.

    • source SAMAA TV news at 6:30PM PST.

  • These are very solid proofs and will stand in any court of law long as such courts are held at party headquarters of certain political parties known for doing insaf in the country

    Well done Rehman Mali and his associated parties responsible for dispensing insaf to people of Pakistan

  • Video coming.

    All this was instigated by PTI. PTI collusion with PeePeePee is obvious. Haa Ha Ahh Ahh

  • Another proof of Insaf and PeePeePee conspiracy against baRay Mian and chHotay Mian is that I heard Rehman Malik's statements from Imran Khan just two days ago.

  • every one is laughing at Rehman Malik....what is he doing....People are saying NZ has put his foot on PPPP it time of crying...This is not new from Rehman Baba(The IG of evils).this will improve NZ image.........

  • Samjhota Express has run out Diesel and about to be shunted down to the side line until the next quid pro quo (I mean Muk-Mukaa).

  • if anyone pardoned the 'corrupt politicians' , it was BAHDUR FAUJ .

    Whethere it was NS's escape to SA in 2000 or

    it was NRO for ppp in NOV 2007 ?

    Wasn't BAHDUR FAUJ doing all this ? What kiyani was doing in 2000 or 2007 ?? In 2007 i m sure he was negotiating NRO on behalf of BAHDUR FAUJ. So , why to blame politicains only ???

  • Interior minister job is to gather all evidence and prosecute the accused in court instead of conducting press conferences and accusing opponents.

  • hehehe...i am not able to control my laugh after listening the remarks of IG of Evils.....

  • Define Irony.......when an Ilzami buzzing out of its vampire nest initiates a thread which has absolutely no bearing on the sheep herd and the cult followers of the Branch Davidian the old Urdu adage goes, "بیگانوں کی شادی میں عبدللہ دیوانہ."

    As for Rehman Malik Hajjam with an afro:

  • about time i was wondering when they will play this card, let's see what supreme court will do with this case. However SC should not be scared from making a decision, we will protect him from noon league thugs, from going into supreme court and causing havoc.

  • Does not it prove that IK knew it about 5 months ago (TIT for TAT).

  • @Respect

    we will protect him from noon league thugs, from going into supreme court and causing havoc

    Yes, but if CJ makes the right decision then who will protect him from the abuse of PTI?

  • @short life endless plans

    Can u see any "MUK-MUKA" now? I think its obvious now.

  • @abdulhameed

    I do not see a Muk-Mukaa until the next wave of defections from N o o r a league towards the People of Insaf.

    Keep your trained ushers ready!

  • Latif Khosa said about Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq. In my opinion Babar Awan and Rehman Malik would prove Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq for Zardari in future. RM is loyal to Zardari till he is in power. This is my prediction. Let us see what happens.

  • I will wait with due patience and sincerity of purpose to see these two morally corrupt parties mudslinging on each other and in so doing bring proofs of corruption to the court and hang one and another......lollz.....

    I just hope they don't make any behind-the-scene give & take pact to hide their loots & plunders.....

    I am sure in next few days we will see Nawaz Sharif backing down from his stated position and a pretext like "appropriate time" will be found...lolzzz...that should be indication for us mortals to know the deal has been cut.....lolll

  • رحمان ملک زرداری کا وفا دار نہیں ہے بلکہ زرداری رحمان ملک کا وفادار ہے


    رحمان ملک کی دختر مردود سے خفیہ کاروباری شراکت تھی. وہ اپنے آپ کو سیاسی طور پر بے داغ رکھنے کی غرض سے تمام کاروبار رحمان ملک کے نام سے کرتی تھی یعنی سرمایہ دختر مردود کا تھا اور کاروبار رحمان ملک کے نام سے رجسٹرڈ تھے

    دختر مردود کی موت کے بعد اب وہ سب کچھ رحمان ملک کا ہے. رحمان ملک قانونی طور پر اب تمام کاروبار کا اکلوتا مالک ہے لیکن اس نے زرداری کو وہ حصہ واپس کرنے کا وعدہ کر رکھا ہے

    زرداری جب تک وہ سرمایہ واپس حاصل نہیں کر لیتا وہ رحمان ملک کا وفادار رہے گا