Jhangir Tareen-The Real Face

  • Jahangir tareen , the real face.

    An article quoted from Dawn news , the link and article is below:


    "Nonetheless, corporate farming is being practiced rather ‘’informally’’ by a few modern farmers. Jehangir Tareen’s name is mentioned as one of its main exponent. The two companies--sugar mills- in Rahim Yar Khan-quoted on stock exchange are run by him.

    Nearly 25,000 acres of land is said to be under supervision of these two companies for which agricultural land has been acquired on lease. Mr Tareen has engaged an Australian as his manager who has also developed the informal structure for corporate farming.

    The title owners of agricultural land are the shareholders of the company who are paid dividends which is said to be much more than what would have been earned by way of tilling it. Besides, plantation of sugar cane, other crops are also said to be cultivated in these farms. Tax on crop income is collected from the shareholders as agricultural tax while other levies are on industrial products. Mr Tareen plans to undertake sugar cultivation in ‘kutcha’ areas in Ghotki to feed a sugar mill. "


    Jahangir Tareen borrowed loan of Rs 1 billion @ interest rate of 3% especially granted by Asian development bank for corporate farming due to his political connections as he not only remained Advisor to the Chief Minister, Punjab, on Agriculture and New Initiatives but also l became Minister of Industries, Production and Special Initiatives in August 2004.

    Before this , he had only 1 sugar Mill , but with this new hard earned cash , he set up two new sugar mills , and also extended the crushing capacity of Ghotki Sugar Mill from 4000 to 7000 tpd.

    He also enjoys playing his full part in sugar stocking.

    These are our hard working politicians, working tirelessly to fool the nation.


  • Could not figure out what wrong has he done?

  • so PTI fans what do u say abt this guy ?

  • One question , is Jehangir Tareen is brother of Shaukat Tareen ??? Habib Bank fame ,, rather who was finance minister of PPP a year or so ago ???

    I know he is related (Bro in law) of Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood but just curious about Shaukat tareen as well.

  • Every one knows about Tareen how he got the wealth........

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    you have a bad habit of posting manufactured links and fake news. You are one of the paid media meddler of Noo-ra site.

    Universal007 urf KHAN = Fake

    Universal007 searches write-ups against various Insaf politicians from vaious blogs. Hash them together and paste them here. Do some homework on N o o r a league goons.

  • @SA,

    No I dont think he is relative of Shaukat Tareen

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    please avoid posting fake links and news items......... from one of the largest and respected newspapers in Pakistan.

    Instead paste links from authentic and credible papers.... writing against PMLN .... like Ummat and insaaf.com forum

  • thx anas. Yes, u r right. just checked, its not the case.

  • @universal007

    you have a bad habit of posting manufactured links and fake news. You are one of the paid media meddler of Noo-ra site.<<<

    And it is an epitome of a habit of some folks to make a perpetual a$$ outta themselves.


    I hope you do realize son that you are doing one pathetic job at propagation Tehreek-e-Ilzam. I wouldn't even trust a dude like you with a Dime let alone paying you to venture out of your little hen house named ilzam.pk and mess with the big boys out here.