Police using rival gangsters in Lyari operation

  • KARACHI, April 28: Police are using rival gangsters belonging to the Arshad Pappu group in the ongoing Lyari operation, which is primarily launched against the defunct People’s Amn Committee, sources said on Saturday.

    With their faces covered, unknown men, as young as in their early teens, were seen guiding the police and helping them identify suspects during the daylong gunbattle that took place

    on Friday and Saturday.

    “It reminded me of the early 1990s when law-enforcement agencies patronised and brought along Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi men to the Landhi and Korangi areas when, operation against the Muttahida Qaumi Movement was launched,” said a senior mediaperson, who was covering the daylong operation.

    The masked men were seen moving around with impunity in Lyari on Friday, stopping and checking people present there or passing through the area on motorcycles, newsmen and local sources said. A senior police officer, requesting anonymity, admitted that the police had sought assistance from Arshad Pappu’s men in identifying the hideouts and suspects.

    “We need the help of locals since it’s a very complicated and tricky place for carrying out an operation,” the officer added.

    On Friday, the police requested newsmen covering the Lyari operation not to expose the masked men.

    However, Karachi police chief Akhtar Husain Ghorchani dispelled the impression that police were using rival gangsters in the ongoing operation in Lyari.


  • Nothing wrong with that.

  • Nothing wrong with that

    It seems everybody is hell bent to convert Lyari as Harlems in Newyork

  • @Pakistani47...don't jump your guns....it makes absolute sense to use local informers who know the area and criminal operating in their areas....this has been done all over the globe without exception....in fact Police and undercover agencies invest in developing informers, touts they are called in slang, to keep themselves updated about whats going on in the neighborhood......So whats wrong about it? Don't get carried away about anything reported in the media, and sometime use commonsense for understanding a simple issue....

    Since you quoted Harlem in your post, I will encourage you to read what Rudy Giuliani had done to get rid of gangs operating in New York and beyond.....people still remember him for the big contribution he made in eliminating those gangs....so if Karachi Police is using same tactics so be it.....