PML-N NA Resignations: Why it is a bad idea.

    • The National Assembly consists of 342 seats

    • The PML-N has 90 odd seats

    • If the PML-N resigns 252 odd seats (73% of the total seats in the house) in the national assembly are occupied with 90 odd (27%) to be contested for in bye elections. The government remains in tact and there is no legal necessity to call for fresh elections.

    • If there are bye elections and the PPP wins about 70 of those seats (with PML-N out of the way) they will have an absolute majority in the National Assembly with the parties who are realistically supporting this government in a great position to capitalize.

    Hence, it is concluded that the PML-N resigning from the National Assembly will only enable to strengthen the PPP and its allies more.

    So my question to PTI supporters is very clear. Why do Imran Khan and yourselves think that the PML-N resigning from the national assembly will be a good thing for Pakistan? Logical answers needed?

  • ^^^ The only logical answer is the sheep herd will never give an erudite rejoinder to this analysis. Why didn't P0nka Khan resign from the assembly of 2002 which was presided by a dictator? He had absolutely nothing to loose except for that ONE holy seat from Mianwali.

    As for PML-N resigning from the assemblies, absolutely no way in this cotton picking world that such an option would be exercised. Who knows that this is a joint ploy of Lota Khan and his covert mentor in Asif Zardari whereby PML-N in a fit of pique would resign from the assemblies and the subsequent by-elections would result in a number of seats being won by PPP and its junior partner in Pakistan Turncoat Itehad through rigging and bogus voting.

  • When PML-N or anyone else say about resignation of PML-N from Assemblies, they also include disolving the punjab assembly which CM can do under Article 112-1.

    That would mean Government would have to conduct By-elections on almost half of the total constituencies that exist in this country

  • With absolute majority, PeePeePee does not have to collude with MQM. Zardari can then deal with Altaf Bhai with a heavy hand, neutralize MQM and hence bring peace in Karachi. Wouldn’t N o o r a league be happy with that?

  • ^^^^ And where does it state that such an action stipulates dissolution of the rest of the assemblies in the country and holding general election? What are the constitutional restrictions which would hold the federal government from holding by-elections on 90 odd NA and 275 odd PA seats?

  • With absolute majority, PPP does not have to collude with MQM. Zardari can then deal with Altaf Bhai with a heavy hand<<<

    Yes, and we also remember a dude named Dr. Botox who made similar claims against Altaf Bhai once upon a life time.

  • Sandooqi bhai,

    You need not to spoil your own (I mean PMLN) thread by bringing a great leader and national hero of Pakistan into your useless argument. Your statement contradict with your own theory that Imran Khan was incapable of handling Altaf. You think Imran being a dud makes Zardari an impotent but Nawaz a stud?

  • @Khan

    Pakistan is not confined to the city of Karachi only. There are other issues as well to be dealt with all across the country.

    Anyway, its very beneficial to view your justification. A PTI supporter using unrealistic and convoluted reasoning to justify the PPP strengthening its position in the National Assembly. There is also no need for me to speak about an event surrounding historical tsunami adjacent to Shara-e-Quaideen on 25 December 2011.

    So, if this is the trend then it means that Imran Khan and PTI supporters consider Asif Ali Zardari better than Nawaz Sharif? Will you even dare to vehemently demand the PML-Q and PML-H to resign from the National Assembly if your demands are so equitable?

  • @Khan Begum,

    You quit opening nonsensical threads a lot more frequently than you are supposed to and I might just curtail my proclivity to bring a leader of Marasis into my discussions. Not only did Imran Khan made a cheap attempt at being Tarzan but also ended up doing this:

  • Yea Sid you are right about article 112 that it does not make it mandatory for Government to call for general elections; but just the fear of 28 By-Elections forced the government to opt for 20th Ammendment rather than going for By-elections,

    So 370 or so By-elections plus PML-N with nothing else to do than Long March (as they did last time Punjab was taken away from thm) for Elections will force the government to go for elections.

  • @Anas,

    Sorry bro, but that was 2009 and the single point agenda was restoration of judiciary, a cause which had wide spread support! If PTI was unable to continue with its Dharnas last year on account of heat, humidity and do you propose PML-N to stage a Long March in this scorching heat?

  • Just Try them brother, lets take the government from them and see them running towards it at 100km/h in 50 degree Centigrade :)

    You have Grossly under estimated them :)

  • @Anas,

    Lol.....I actually meant how PML-N would manage to pull out the same kind of crowds as it did in 2009.

    Any way, I'm not convinced by this resignation deal. PML-N has played it smart by not letting emotions clouding the better judgement (debatable matter). They have the mandate by the people of Punjab to rule the province until the prescribed time and to sit in opposition in National Assembly.

  • Yea Agree they can't ;)

    Sure They do have the mandate, if they dont wanna resign its thier choice, but this resigning strategy definetly has the potential to bring down the Government.

  • As usual, Ilzamis have no logical answer.

    Why can't they be honest for once and admit that they want PML-N to resign so PPP can appoint interim govt of its own choice, which will of course be beneficial to PTI.

    This wink and nod love affair between ilzamis and piplees has been going on for long. This is why Ilzam Khan admitted that he can get into an alliance with zardari.

  • @Anas,

    Don't get your hopes high son, they can manage to bring twice the number of crowd but this is just not the right time. Such an action would only be construed as a PML-N specific agenda and it might not have the same kind of support in electronic media or have backing from other political parties.

  • @Adonis

    Its now making more sense. The PTI is with every passing moment is exposing itself as having more of an anti PML-N agenda rather than real Pakistanism.

    They have yet to answer why they haven't asked the other parties like PML-Q and PML-H who are in the opposition to leave the government and resign from the assemblies with the same vehemence and assertiveness. Why just the PML-N? This is why there seems to be an ulterior motive behind Imran Khan's PML-N bashing which PTI supporters are now giving indications of with their responses.

    You also contributed to the thread very well.

  • @Khan

    صدیقی بھائی کے نام کی بےادبی! بھائی جان آپ میاں صاحب کو جتنی مرضی دل کھول کر گالیاں لکھیں مگر خدارا آپ ہمارے صدیقی بھائی کے نام کی بے ادبی نہ کریں کیونکہ اگر صدیقی بھائی ناراض ہو کر فورم سے چلے گئے تو سارا شغل میلہ ختم ہو جائے گا

  • @anasyounus

    Rest assured. Only if all parties that are in government resign from the National Assembly along with the PML-N, PML-Q and others will there be a remote possibility that the President and former Prime Minister will consider dissolution of the National and Provincial assemblies.

    But knowing the PPP, they can always thrive on this opportunity and if they have to call bye elections all across the country then its not inconceivable that they would not do that and then have a great time making all the necessary arrangements to sweep the next elections and really cause a tsunami like damage to this country.

    All the fundamental problems (loadshedding, inflation, unemployment, increasing trade deficit due to reduced exports) in this country today are because of the federal government which consists of the PPP, PML-Q and others. Yet he thinks that only if the PML-N resign from the National and Provincial assemblies the problems will be resolved and the opportunistic PPP will do the "principled" thing and call fresh elections.

  • @Allama Jahil Ji,

    Is khaksar ka adab tasleem karain.....ab tu aap Eid kay chand say bhee ziada qeemti bun chukay hain....rah giya mera yahan say naraz ho kar jana:

    ہم تو ڈوبے ہیں صنم

    تم کو بھی ساتھ لے کر ڈوبیں گے