Jamat-e-Islami Ka Ooonth Kis Karwat behtay Ga

  • Well we know where PML(N) and PTI stand. Our Islamist brothers are suspiciously quiet on all of this drama. Lets assume PTI and PML(N) don't agree on a united protest movement against the Prime minister contempt case after the appeal process is done and decide to launch separate movements. which side do you think Jamat-e-Islami will side with. They have been very critical of PML(N) leadership in recent past especially after PML(N) decided to sign PCNS recommendations.

  • ^^^ If JI sides with PML-N and the signals emanating from Mansoora gives the impression that JI does see an eye to eye with PML-N on this matter, what will happen to P0nka Khan than....who will he side with? Will he launch his own Soo Soonami March?

  • ^^

    Ham nain to march ka pehlay he elaan ker dia hai who will hear more about it tomorrow after PTI's CEC meeting. I hope they decide against cooperating with PML(N).

  • Jamat will join the protest, just not sure if they will join hands with Noon, go solo or MMA.

    Noon will do so much drama now to cause an early election in order to avoid being called friendly opposition at the time of election.

  • @insaftak,

    Any announcement now on a movement/tehreek would have two ramifications:

    • First it would be considered to be matching PML-N's rhetoric and to counter their call of Long March.....a ridiculous attempt at being a Copy Cat!

    • Tanqeed Khan has already stated that he would wait until SC's verdict on Gilani's appeal before Pakistan Tereek-e-Ilzam's next line of action is unveiled. If now in a fit of anxiety, jitteriness and the urge to transcend NS and PML-N, he would again come back to solidify the perception most orthodox hom0 sapiens have about him; taking U-Turns and being totally devoid of that mass which constitutes a human being's upper deck.

  • Jamat-e-Islami Ka Ooonth Us Karwat Bathay Gaa Jia Karwat GHQ Bithay Ga:)

  • @ Sidiqi

    LOL matching PML(N). we have called for the Tsunami March way before you guys PML(N). The PML(N) is already begging us for help but why should PTI help remove one corrupt/tyrant and replace it with another corrupt/tyrant.

    I say PTI should stay thousand miles away from the Koora League.

  • ^^^ Say the prayers for your leader or forever hold your peace.

  • ^^

    aaager PML(N) ke pass street power hoti to hum say bheek na maang rahe hotay aur na he sari bar associations aap ke call reject ker rahe hotay :)

  • ^^^^ yeh tumharay nannay Mian ko thailay mein bund karnay kee chaal hai, meray munnay. Ab woh apnay transplanted hairs ko keench raha hai aur sooch raha hai, "Aay Rabba, mein kithay phass giya." ;)

  • ^^

    aap chaal kahein aur hum aap ke bebasi. waisey kehtay hein ke kisi ke bebasi pay hansana nahi chaiyeh per Noon League ke bebasi mein khoob enjoy ker raha hoon :)

  • ^^^^ Bhaijaan, hamay tu us waqt ka sooch kar dukh ho raha hai kay jis P0nkay kee tasweer kee aap roz subah uth kar pooja kartay hain, isi tasweer par kohlapure chappaloon ka haar charain gai aap :D

  • I am sure Tsunami Khan will go underground and hide somewhere just like he did last time during long march for restoration of judiciary

  • @Insaftak,

    Wake up and smell the coffee before you are unable to get your knickers in a knot:

  • Bebasi aap ke.

    No JI, No PTI, No DPC, No bar associations. You do have shareef family though. Looking forward to few hundred people out on streets.

  • @doctor,

    This time around, Lota Khan would be hiding inside the toilet of PM House.

  • @ sidiqi nice attempt at diverting the attention away from the thread. must say you are an expert.

  • @insaftak,

    And just like 2009, your leader would be crying like a little girly as to why NS stopped his march in Gujranwala ;)

  • During last two days Rehman Malik and Gillani have been praising Imran Khan for 'waiting' for appeal's outcome before launching any protest.. Zardari's trojan Imran Khan is acting according to their expectation so they're quite pleased with his stance so far..

  • @insaftak,

    On second thoughts, NS is hereby advised against eliciting Tehreek-e-Ilzam's support to overthrow this unconstitutional dispensation. With such a colourful past and not to mention a person of such a sinful character, parties such as JI might not be on board with PML-N in this venture: