Early elections or 2013?

  • How many people think that early elections should be called and when? Please note that Ramzan commences in July and then the state machinery is involved with Hajj preparations plus a number of right winger part leaders perform hajj every year so it would be unjust to have it in Zil Hajj. Which is followed by Muharram and roughly 20% of population is busy atleast during the first ten days. Thus elections can be held before July or after November so why not wait it out?

    We have been expecting heavens to fall for past 4 years and realistically things have been at stand still for at least past two years. All the rhetoric about not letting the current government in office looks good on tv but it is obvious that both PMLN and PTI think it is unfeasible.

  • Yeah i dont mind waiting till 2013 but the problem is until then the uncertainity will prevail in a highly fluid political environment. This is pretty harmful for the nation.

    Once elections are held, things calm down a little for a little while. Although, considering the high propsepcts of a split mandate and a hung assembly, i expect a longer than usual circus.