Nisar & Luqman to bear cost of Zardari Sharif lawsuit against American writer

  • Hasan Nisar and Mubasshar Luqman to bear cost of lawsuit against American writer if Zardari Sharif file one

    zardari sharif corruption and lawsiut againt baker

    LAHORE: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 - Renowned journalist Hasan Nisar and a popular TV anchor Mubasshar Luqman have called the head of PML-N Nawaz Sharif and the chairman of PPP to file a lawsuit in American court against an American writer Raymond W Baker. Baker, in his book titled “Capitalism's Achilles Heel - Dirty Money and How to Renew Market System” pointed out the corruption of Asif Ali Zardari and Mian Nawaz Sharif.

    In a TV program “Khri Baat” Nisar Nisar said that this American author has not only accused our great leaders but dishonored our nation and even our religion. Hasan Nisar and Mubasshar Luman both offered to pay for all charges if Zardair and Sharif file a lawsuit [and win] against Raymond W Baker.

    Link to the book (an account required)

  • Can anyone ever imagine that Zardari & Sharifs Incorporation will file a defamation case against this journalist Baker? Never. It will never happen. Because these criminals can cheat to this poor nation but can't face the realities in foreign courts.

    I think Siddiq73 and Anwer Kamal should convey this challenge, of Hassan Nisar and Mubashar Luqman, to their leadership. If their leaders are true then they should certainly file this suit, and if they don't file then PPP and N-league workers should think themselves if their conscious is alive.

  • 1st we have to persude a case against Imran khan who in his book has said i was involved in match fixing........

  • Muazzam why not start all the cases parallel? Whoever is found guilty should be punished indiscriminately. Have courage to say it.

  • Incidently, Dr. A Q Khan recently mentioned about this book at detail in his recent article in a national newspaper.

    "I would like to draw your attention to a book entitled Capitalism’s Achilles Heel by Raymond W Baker. The book is a dossier on the corruption of Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. It states that when Benazir Bhutto became prime minister in late 1988 after the death of Gen Ziaul Haq, she immediately posted 26,000 hardcore PPP activists on important positions, including those in the nationalised banks. This enabled the couple to influence these banks to dole out billions of rupees of loans without guarantees. It is said that they obtained money through front-men and in this way skimmed off Rs410 million, with which they bought majority shares in three sugar mills. It is also reported that Zardari managed to receive Rs40 million through his crony, the fake doctor Usman Farooqi who was the managing director of Pakistan Steel Mills. This was done through procurement manipulation.

    The most famous scandal is that of the SGN company of Switzerland which was given a pre-shipment inspection contract of items to be imported. The book discloses that the couple received $12 million in kickbacks, which was deposited in the accounts of two companies in the British Virgin Islands. Then tractors worth $83 million were imported, duty-free, from Poland. This deal gave them $5.8 million in kickbacks and caused the country Rs1.7 billion’s loss in duties. Then there was the scandal of the purchase of Mirage aircraft for $4 billion, which brought a kickback of about $200 million. Let us not forget the famous ARY gold import scandal which, according to the author, gave them a bonus of $10 million, which soon swelled to $40 million in a short span of time. According to the book, all this information was gathered by Nawaz Sharif (through Saifur Rehman, whom the-then law minister presented as a modern Sherlock Holmes) at a cost of $1 million. These important papers were acquired from the Geneva office of the Zardari/Benazir front man, Jens Schlegelmilch.

    The book contains details of all bank accounts, properties, fake companies, etc. The author, when he heard Benazir Bhutto say that people chase them and they want to give them love and receive love in return, commented: “Save your tears. In the global collection of displaced leaders, Benazir Bhutto may be the least sympathetic character of all.” As far as the Swiss cases are concerned, both Benazir Bhutto and Zardari were indicted on October 29, 2007, by the investigating magistrate. The court of appeal rejected their case on March 19, 2008, and was due to announce punishment and send them to jail. As a gift from Gen Musharraf, the NRO was promulgated and the government hurriedly sent Attorney General Malik Qayyum to Switzerland with a letter freezing the case as the government had withdrawn all the cases against the couple. Soon afterwards, the High Commissioner in London, Wajid Shamsul Hassan, was sent to Geneva to pick up all the incriminating evidence from the lawyer. Everything was shown on Geo TV. He was also the person who played a role in the Surrey Palace scandal, which Benazir Bhutto and Zardari continuously denied owning. However, after the property was auctioned off, Zardari claimed the four to 5 million pounds sterling left after all the liabilities had been paid. Had Qayyum not rushed off to Switzerland to deliver that letter, the two would have been convicted.

    The book also contains details about the corrupt practices of Nawaz Sharif and how he accumulated his properties, factories and enormous wealth. The yellow cabs scam (which cost the banks $500 million, of which he pocketed about $60 million), the Lahore/Islamabad Motorway scam (benefit: about $160 million), written off loans without collateral worth $140 million, about $60 million pocketed as refund for the export of sugar and $58 million siphoned off in the purchase of wheat from the US and Canada. There may be many more such instances which have not been reported."

  • Wow What an Ideal situation for Zardari/PPP and NS/PML-N :) :)

    1. Luqman and Nisar they both (NS/Z) hate, will go Bankrupt bearing the expenses

    2. Z/NS will not only will get thier Name cleared but will get hefty amount of $$$

    3. Pakistan will get a boost in terms of Foreign Reserves (Only if they both dont decide to stack the cash outside Pak)

    A WIN WIN Situation... Hurry Up.. The Offer Is Valid Only for Limited Period :) :)

  • Actually now both PPP and PML-N have no problem with this book as most of their voters are not habitual of reading books.

    And for PPP even 1% chance to read this book as its in English.

    In few days you will find at this forum with lot of logical reasoning that the author of this book is bias against these two parties and funded by special fund.

  • @Anas..

    You are right bro...its a golden opportunity for NS/AZ.

    Suprised they haven't jumped on it....

    You don't think they have something to hide, do you? ;)

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  • LOL ....

    It is funny to see Lickman and the Loony Nisar talk about defamation as if they are legal experts.

    One has been making 3rd class movies all his life and the other had been selling medicines till he "mysteriously" struck a "gold mine" and now they think they know about the defamation law in USA.

    It seems these bozos have not even read the book they are talking about. The writer has not accused Nawaz Sharif of any corruption. He has merely quoted PPP leaders and their accusations against Nawaz uttered in Pakistan. These had been published in Pakistan extensively so Baker merely quoted that without making any accusation.

    You can not sue anyone for defamation in USA when he is not accusing you of anything but merely pointing at political statements of your opponents.

    Perhaps when the effect of whiskey wears off on these two bozos they would realize they have only made a fool of themselves yet again.

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  • @Adnois, What stops you filing defaming case against Mubasher Luqman and Hasan Nisar in Taya zaad ki adalat.

  • siddiqi Bhai we all have been waisting for u . jaldi karien aa jayin.


    Lagta he Bahbi ko mana raye hain!

  • @Chaudary bhai,

    I'm, who is responsible for incarcerating me in "Kaala Paani" for 24 hours?

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  • waisy seroiusly with out u it was boring . u know Shabaz Shrif Challanged A.Rehman Mailk that show the proofs to media abt Sharif family Loan Writoffs and he will Quit politics.

  • @Chaudary Bhai,

    Rehman Malik Hajjam cannot even prove his own parentage, how can he prove corruption against Sharif Brothers:

  • @ siddiqi bahi

    right bro.