بییزت ہونا نوں لیگی کا مقدار بن گیا ہے. نوں لیگی کو ایک اور تماچہ

  • ISLAMABAD: Acting Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Justice Shakirullah Jan on Monday said the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will follow only the constitutional and legal provisions on Supreme Court’s verdict over contempt of court against the prime minister.

    Answering questions during brief interaction with media representatives at a consultative workshop, when the acting CEC was asked to comment on SC decision and consequent actions of the commission, he said, “the commission will go by the constitution and the law.”

    He said any further comments on this matter can only be made after seeing the detailed judgment of the apex court.

    With regards to completion of electoral rolls, he said, the task will be accomplished by the end of May.

    Answering a question, the acting CEC said, the commission will continue putting in efforts till the last complaint about voters’ lists is addressed.

    “The ECP will dispense its legal and constitutional duties to prepare credible, error free and updated electoral rolls,” he said and mentioned to his direction to NADRA and population census institution to buttress efforts for achieving this goal.

    “Each and every complaint in this regard will properly be addressed. Concerned authorities have been asked to act briskly whenever they receive any complaint,” he added.

    He said under article 220 of the constitution all government institutions are bound to cooperate with Election Commission for dispensation of its duties.


    PML(N) ko number lainey ke parhi hui thi ke PTI walay hum say pehlay Tsunami March naa ker dein. I want to know who is the law expert that has been advising the noon league.

  • @insaftak

    Either you consider YRG as legal PM or you don't.

    If you do not consider YRG as legal PM, it does not make sense to allow YRG to issue illegal orders from now till appeal process is complete.

    NS has decided on illegality of PM, but it seems IK is double minded.

    Now it is time for IK & PTI to stand up or stand down for ever.

    I am glad at least NS and PML (N) are following my view of not accepting any orders and agreements from illegal PM and that there couple of sayings very pertinent at this time "Strike while the iron is hot" and "Fortune favours the brave".

    As far as Election Commission is concerned, for them to wait for detailed judgement is not surprising.

  • You are right .

    Bay Izat wohi ho sakta hay jis ki koi izat ho .

    PML N walon ki shaid koi bay izati ho gai ho.

    Imran Khan walon ka to izat koi masla hi nahin .

    بے عزت وہی ہو سکتا ہے جس کی کوئی عزت ہو

    شائد مسلم لیگ والوں کی کوئی بے عزتی ہو گئی ہو .

    عمران خقں والوں کا تو کوئی عزت کا مسئلہ ہی نہیں

    جس کی بیوی اور نوحجوابن بیٹی انگلستان کی گلیوں میں عزت کا جنازہ نکل رہی ہوں اور وہ بے غیرت چندے کی کمائی پر سیاست کر رہا ہو اس کے لیے شرم عزت بے معنی لفظ ہیں -

    اور پیپلز پارٹی کی حمایت کا شکریہ -

    میں تو ہمیشہ سے کہتا ہوں

    عمران اور زرداری دونوں ایک ہیں

    عمران سے زرداری قدرے نیک ہے

  • @ Sipahi

    o Mere pyaray bahi, as long as we don't have the detailed judgment we can't push for anything. why not wait out for the detailed judgment to go out. If Something that's right for election comission then how's the samething wrong for PTI.

    PML(N) leadership is paranoid and are thinking PTI will launch the movement without them and they have valid reasons because most of the bar associations are controlled by pro pti lawyers, they have backing of DPC and JI is still undecided. what does PML(N) have absolutely nothing.

  • @insaftak

    I can understand waiting till detailed judgement, but I don't understand IK statement that he will let the appeal process to complete. (Interview with Dr. Danish)



  • Fair enough.

    we have been waiting for the deatiled judgment and complete process to go with and most of the bar associations agree with PTI on this.

  • @insaftak

    Question 1, does IK considers YRG as legal PM? Yes or No.

    In my opinion, SC decision is in effect from the minute it was given. PM is a convict, thus all decisions and orders by him and his cabinet are illegal.

    Going to appeal is not going to make him automatically legal PM again. The decision will stand. Thus waiting for appeal process has no meaning.

    Also, if IK does not consider YRG as PM at this time, then he should not accept any decision and agreements by YRG, both internal and external.

    Then, that means country is being led by someone who does not have authority.

    Question 2: How he is going to deal with those agreements if he comes to power.

    Any delay is damaging to the state of Pakistan.

    As far as bars, I am not surprised since PPP and PML (Q) lawyers represent those bars.

  • Noo ra league will neither be able to swallow it nor will it be able to spit it now.

  • Hahahahahaha....now the Ilzami Burger kids have become legal experts as well trying to justify the political acumen of their leader (Even Raja Riaz would have more sense than the Shahzada of Banigala).

    Care to enlighten us little kiddos that if deciding the future course of action depends on how the appeal is dealt with, than why has your leader yapped from his backside that Zardari is a criminal when most if not all the cases against him have either been withdrawn or cannot be taken up until the end of his presidency.

    Most of the Bar Associations are controlled by P(o)TI<<<

    hahahahahahahahahahaha...the most hilarious jughat I've heard since last week's "Khabarnaak." This contention coming from supporters of a Payjama Party whose leader cannot even control his zipper or his mouth and has won just ONE seat in the last 16 years. Had a feeling that most of the Sheep Herd had really lost its marbles and in dire need to be straitjacketed and shoved inside a mental asylum.

    Simple answer for a simple questions my little mentally delinquent kids.....does your self proclaimed Leader still consider Gilani to be a PM or not?

  • i think these days a DEAL done between PTI and PPP,,,,we see prime minister pray for PTI,,while,,,PTI suport PPP in bi election MULTAN,,,,,i think ppp and pti both enemy is same,,,that is PML N,,,,,SO FOR PTI LOVERS SEE U TRUE FACE OF INQALAB,,,,,SHAME

  • totally agree... a deal is done b/w pppp and PTI...Those who are expecting from PM that he will follow law are fool...PML N is doing very well....According to my observation this is increasing there graph...People now start openly saying...earlier Khan was playing under the belly of pasha and Altaf...now sucking the banana of Zardari...PML N is woke up...its good they woke...and this is time they should do the goal....Who might ever come to the roads will succeeds....PTI knows very well they can not do anything they just want few seats and PPPP is ready to give them for the sake of Corruption.....

  • Yet another tamacha.....

    • Former member of the Election Commission and a reputed legal mind of the country, Justice (r) Tariq Mehmood, says if he had been a member of the ECP, he would have disqualified convicted prime minister instantly because he has been convicted for ridiculing the judiciary.

    • However followers of Soornami may not be impressed by this as ....."Justice (r) Tariq Mehmood is distinguished and respected among the legal fraternity because he refused to endorse the Referendum of Pervez Musharraf in 2002, when Musharraf was at the peak of his ‘power’ and resigned as ECP member"

    • He said that Aitzazís and Naekís assertions (supported by IK, Maulvi Diesel, Ch Mumble Hussain etc) that speaker national assembly has a role in de-seating PM Gilani were wrong as after the courtís order there remains no ambiguity, and the role of speaker remains that of a post office.

    • when a court has issued a decree or order against any person then the speaker and CEP cannot do anything,î he maintained

    Insaf-tak ke ane tak iss tara ke tamache parte rahen gay!

  • SIBI: Three judges of the Supreme Court have excused themselves from being part of the appellate bench which will be constituted to hear Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s appeal in the contempt of court case against him, DawnNews reported on Tuesday.

    Speaking after inaugurating the premises of Balochistan High Court (BHC) Sibi Circuit Bench, Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary said that a nine-member bench of the apex court would be formed to hear the case if the government decides to appeal against the court’s verdict.

    However, the CJP inhibited himself from disclosing the identities of the three judges who excused themselves from the bench.

    Chaudhry further said that the apex court was taking an additional judge and two ad-hoc judges because a seven member bench had given its verdict and now a nine member bench will have to hear its appeal.

    “Three of the nine existing members of the appellate bench cannot hear the case. If the appeal comes to us then there are six remaining judges,” said the CJP.

    “Article 181 and 182 of the constitution contained provisions to meet this situation,” he added.

    Moreover, the chief justice reiterated that all the institutions of the country should work under ambit of the constitution.

    The Supreme Court convicted PM Gilani of contempt of court for not writing a letter to Swiss authorities to reopen graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari as ordered in the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) implementation case.

    The PPP-led government has said that it will wait for the apex court to pass a detailed judgment before filing an appeal.

  • @insaftak

    This is immaterial to the status of YRG and IK position.