Convicted Yousaf Raza

  • As per electronic media reports, convicted prime minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza is planning to visit UK on official visit, which he is not entitled due to his conviction. Secondly if he is being received officially by UK Govt, this will be interference in Pakistan judical system functioning. So it is the responsibility of UK govt not to welcome the convicted person from Pakistan officially. It is very clear that if you follow your law and act within the guidelines as explained by law, so it is also you responsibility also to let the other nation also to act as per their law, by not officially wellcomming the convicted person of other countries too.

  • The Queen and PM of UK in the joint statement have announced that since the highest court of justice in Pakistan and its CJ have not yet confirmed that YRG is convicted so British government will not treat YRG as convicted.

  • Sorry LHR, they are authorised to explain the detail veridct of Pakistan highest court decision. It is also the right time to inform Queen and PM of UK, that Pakistan is no more colony of UK. So please do not pay attention to their statement.

  • او بھائی اس کورپٹ حکومت کو لانے والا کون ہے اور اس کورپٹ حکومت کو 4 سال تک سپپورٹ کرنے والا کون ہے؟ کے اب اس کو ختم کرنے کے لیے عوام کو پکارا جارہا ہے.

  • News is that, former PM Gilani is going with a delegation of 70.

    Beghairat besharam leader of Pakistan.

  • No, only HYousaf Raza is no besharam and begahrutt, all those who will give him company will also be the part of that besharam and begahrutt brigade.