Why Imran Doesnt ask Awaiz Leghari to resign from NA

  • Hypocricy of imran is not hidden any more ,Before try to make fool to pakistani nation, why he doesnt ask his own pti leader Owais leghari to resign form National Assembly and then demand that from Other Parties.

    if he is sincere for pakistan he should think that if PMLN Resign today then tommorrow Zardari will pass a resolution in Assembly to legalize NRO And clean all his looted money and many other things to legalize .

  • Hypocricy at the highest order

  • This was very clearly explained by SVP of PTI Mr Tareen yesterday in Kashif Abbasi show that Awais Leghari has decided to stay as MNA for 'personal reasons' and will therefore continue to be MNA even if all other parties resign.

    This is called 'democratic attitude' within parties? and also Leghari is a big jageerdar and quite an influential peer hence his personal wish has been given preference over party principles.

  • Awais is not a pir from anywhere he is not even the tumandar of the Leghari tribe. Jamal Khan his brother is the current tumandar

  • Listen to the answer from Imran himself. But will you not keep on making hoopla again!





  • We are tired of listening to a liar who is also a walking talking zombie after injecting an over dose of Botox. Just answer the question please; why isn't Awais Leghari resigning from his assembly seat?

    And why do I keep getting banned for no reason!

  • @Siddiqi bhai

    I thought it was the pakpolitics where you got banned? i saw a few comments there responding to S73 but there were original no comments from S73?

  • ^^^ Times are changing perhaps buddy boy. Instead of taking over thepakpolitics.com, it seems the other way around is happening :(