Bolta Pakistan

  • In their Talk Show of 24 April 2012 the anchors Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas covered the news of KP Chief Minister Mr. Hoti inaugurating the newly established Police Stations in Swat. The brief video clipping of this inauguration was played during the discussion showing repeatedly the Chief Minister cutting the red ribbon. The anchor Mushtaq Minhas was rightly very critical that the Chief Minister was inaugurating sitting in Peshawar the hundreds miles away situated the organs desired to be inaugurated. He was rightly desired that the CM should had inaugurated this by personally going to Swat thus showing the world that the area was now peaceful and tourists the main source of income of this area can now come without any fear. Mushtaq Minhas wishing this forgot that we live in Pakistan and not in civilized West. During the debate Mushtaq Minhas quoted that it was not the first unusal of its kind and that it had happened before when Shaukat Aziz did the same. What Shaukat Aziz did the anchor did not explain to his viewers who themselves by habit however do not remember such things. The anchor however quoted one recent example that the Benazir Medical College Sidh was also inaugurated sitting in the President House.

    I wish that these learned anchors correct their record that Shaukat Aziz was not the first inaugurating in the way as the CM KP this week did. The fact is the very first such a marvelous thing happened in Karachi. I don’t remember the year but it was during eighties. In those days the Fax machine was a rare item and had not arrived in private PCOs even in most of the Government Departments. The first ever for public service a Fax machine was installed in Karachi GPO. Its inauguration was done by the then Governor or Acting Governor Sindh name of whom I do not remember in this old age. He was a columnist as well to the best of my memories the Chief Editor of a Weekly Business Economics Magazine published in Karachi. He lived in North Nazimabad Karachi. Being from lower middle class I had no access to a variety of newspapers hence I am not aware in how many dailies he used to appear but I always read him in Urdu Daily Nawai-e-Waqt. He had a very good command on words, phrases, Iqbal, Persian poetry and Islamic references etc. In almost each of his column he used in abundance his this vocabulary. The channels had not yet started which have today enlightened the masses who is who and the king of words and how much in practice is deep in the mercy water. Reading his columns gave an impression as if this columnist whole last night, like Altaf Hussain Qureshi, had been weeping seeing the economical mismanagement of the Government and the economic miseries of the masses. I wrote him if his conscious did feel any remotest shame or gilt inaugurating the fax machine in posh Hotel Intercontinental at a huge public cost while the item under inauguration was just a mile away from the place. As I expected he did not give any answer. To the best of my memories for many years I reminded him but never to get any response. Mr. Mushtaq Minhas please correct your record.