Who is the Real Opposition???

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    Q League is the Real Opposition Party-Imran Khan

    Few More National Issues in which Imran Tsunami never came out:-

    NO word uptill now against NICL Big Scam

    No Details given uptill now about that Secrete Meeting with US ambassador just 1 day before the Release of Raymond Davis.

    NO Stance on Abbottabad Issue

    No Stance on Mehran base attack

    No stance on Karachi Killing uptill now

    No Stance on Quetta Killings

    MQM & PTI Ideology is the same and can make an alliance-Imran Khan

    Imran Meeting with MQM Leader in Dubai Hotel before Karachi Jalsa for Arrangement

    MQM Leader Altaf Hussain the 1st one to give Congratulations to imran on Karachi Jalsa

    Musharraf se Abb be behtreen Dostana Talqaat hain,dog gift ka shukerya -Imran

    Aggar Mairee Haqoomat aa gaee tu i will close the terrorrists routs to india ke for indian security

    Multan mai PPP Condidate ka support karna

    Being Pissed on Long March day just b/c he was not dominated on day and up-till now pissed.

  • Very simple

    NS wants anti-government movement but all other parties, lawers etc. are against this.

  • NS chahta he ke saab ahmaq mil kar us ke wasarat-e-uzma ka rasta humwar karain:

  • Lawyers are not against it, only the bar associations headed by piplees are opposing it. Bar associations in pilaces like Multan, Rawalpindi etc have declared their support for Nawaz Sharif's stand.