Exposing the biggest Lie about 2008 election Bycott!

  • Johooton par Allah ki Lanat!

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  • 2008 boycott was a mistake that PTI made and PTI did it intentionally. they did it not because another party asked then to do rather they did it because they were not in a good position to make an impact. had there been any chances of PTI wining a seat or two they would have gone for it even if PMLn boycotted it.

  • Lol.....no way Jose!

  • Yes but Ik spend most of his adult life in UK and childhood in Pakistan was studying at elite Aitchison College ....His Urdu reading is therefore not very good, so he did not read this Urdu newspaper.

    He should have been given English newspaper at the time but it was PMLN's ploy to get this published in urdu newspaper and keep IK in the dark..... and expose him as a fool now.

  • yes Imran khan is a liayer..........

  • This was IK's political immaturity and Shareef's thickness as he understands everything pretty late.

  • So in your newspaper cutting Shareef is saying he will boycott if his demands are not met.

    My question is were his demands met? Did Musharraf resign before elections? Was NRO taken back? Was an impartial interim government set up?

  • So from your newspaper cutting.

    PPP was saying loud and clear that it will participate no matter what.

    IK and other parties was saying they will NOT participate no matter what.

    Shareef was saying "yaa allah kiaa karoo, samajh nahi aaraha. Abba ji koo bhi iss hee waqt marnaa thaa"


  • ik is a great lire,,,he think he is right all r wrong,,,,pagal be yahi kehtah hay,,,,sari dunia pagal hay sirf wo hi theak hay

  • Bilal noon, pehlay munjhay sawalan jo jawaban budhayoo baba.

  • Nawaz Sharif is clearly saying in this headline that he "can" boycott, not that he "will" boycott.

    Imran Khan is saying he "will" boycott and hopes that Nawaz Sharif will do the same. It is another thing that he is lying today by saying that Nawaz forced him to boycott.

    Benazir is saying she "will not" boycott.

    So what is the confusion?

  • Joint forces of PPPTI ......comprehension was always quite a challenge .... but reading is also not a strong point.

  • Adonis, did you read my post? Can you clarify my confusion?

  • Your question arises from wrong translation. Please look at what Nawaz Sharif is saying and then translate it again into English. Nawaz Sharif is not saying that he "will" boycott. He is simply saying that he can/may boycott if demands not met.

    There is a difference between "will" and "may".

  • My question was were his demands met?

    His decision to boycott was hinging upon whether his demands were met or not.

    As far as I remember, Mushrraf did not resign before elections, 17th ammendment was not taken back and an impartial interim government was not set up. So, if I am not wrong, his demands were not met. Why did he participate then?

    I can give benefit of doubt to IK as he like everyone else, except shareefs, knew that Musharraf was not going to resign and Shareef's demands were not going to be met.

  • Where has he said that he "will" boycott if demands not met?

    Come on. Surely you know the difference between "will" and "may".

  • mutaalbaat naa manay gaey tou elections kaa boycott karr saktay hein...

    If he was not sure then what was the point of setting up this whole APDM conference drama? or he knew from the beginning that he was going to participate under Musharraf and still blaming PPP for a deal against NRO? Remember talk shows from those days?

    All I can conclude is he was either confused and unable to comprehend the situation or he was living up to this reputation of being the president of Munafiq League.