Willing to surrender to Army,Ranger or Punjab Govt,CJ take notice : Uzair Baloch

  • Uzair Baloch says he is a patriotic Pakistani and is willing to surrender to Army,Ranger and he don't trust sindh government and sindh police which has been given orders by Zardari to eliminate him because he has exposed Zardari's step brother Owais Muzzafar 'tappi' Zardari who is one of the biggest land grabber currently active in Karachi and Sindh. He says Zardari has 'sold' karachi to MQM and now MQM wants to breakup sindh and create a new province.

    He appealed to CJ to take notice of situation in Liyari.




    If Bilawal contests election, I will stand against him: Uzair Baloch


    KARACHI: Uzair Baloch in an exclusive interview with Aaj TV news stated that if Bilawal Bhutto Zardari would contest the upcoming election from Lyari, he would fight the election against Bilawal and would make sure that Bilawal does not succeeds as the people of Lyari would not definitely support him.

    Talking about surrendering, Uzair Baloch stated that he did not trust the Police and would not surrender himself to them. He further added that he would only surrender to the Pakistani Army.

    Talking about the weapons within Lyari, he stated that PPP has given us (the people of Lyari) the weapons to hold back MQM. We have more than 300,000 Kalashnikov permits within our area. All of these have been approved by the PPP government.

    With respect to the President, Uzair stated that Zardari was following the same policy of MQM and they have sold the country. further talking about MQM, the notorious Baloch leader stated that he would ensure his level best and would not let MQM divide the province of Sindh.

    “There is no Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), no Taliban within Lyari, people of Lyari are all pro-Pakistan and would never ask for its demarcation”, Uzair said.

    “We are loyal to Pakistan, we, the people of Lyari, were the first one to protest in front of the US embassy in Karachi following the NATO air-strike on the Salala army base”, Uzair added

    Talking about corrupt government officials, **Uzair stated, “Owais Muzaffar a.k.a Tappi is the leader of land-mafia within Karachi. He has illegally grabbed and sold many estates within the area of Hawkesbay, Mauripur and other areas”. He further added that the proceeds of these property sales were being transferred to international bank accounts and corrupt leaders are making fortune for themselves.


    “I hope that Zulfiqar Mirza will take notice of this operation, I just want to ask him to raise his concern against the Lyari operation and the new province resolution within Sindh” Uzair utter.

    He further added that If Mirza would not raise his voice for the people of Lyari in such torrid times, “we will not support him too”.


    He finally asserted his request regarding his investigation to be conducted by Pakistan Army or Rangers, further adding that he would only surrender himself to DG Rangers or the Pakistan Army.



  • Seems to be a new fairy tale!

    What is apparently happening in Layari? Police fighting with unarmed and innocent angels for seven consecutive days? ha ha ha

  • These Goons of Peoples Aman Commitee made the life of residents and businessmen of OLD City Areas (Kharadar, Jodia Bazar, Chadi Lane, Nayabad, bolton market, medicine market, bottle gali etc) miserable in the last few years.

  • And what about the Karachi operation of his government.

  • @runaway

    Isn't it ironic that criminal mafia gang MQM was enjoying and lauding this operation but when an operation against its own goons and unit terrorists is launched they start wailing and sobbing.

    Even handed and impartial Karachi wide Army operation should be launched against criminals,target killers and bhathakhors. What ever that took place in Liyari during last one week under supervision of incompetent joker Rehman Malik can't be termed as serious operation.

    Zardari's step bro/servant/front man Tappi Zardari wanted to contest provincial assembly election from this seat and officially become CM sindh whereas residents of the area were fed up with their current elected representatives from PPP who had miserably failed to develop their area(it currently looks like someone has dropped a nuke in Liyari),give them jobs and make their lives easier and prosperous despite that fact that PPP had comfortable majority in Sindh assembly,had their president,speaker,senate chairman etc etc still they failed,so liyariites had decided that only locals who are actually residing in the area and understand their problems will contest in upcoming elections. Obviously for PPP leadership these guys had become 'rogue' as they were demanding their rights and were even contemplating to join any other party in case PPP didn't changed their attitude towards them and some of them had even become so annoyed that they were willing to become Approver (Wada maaf gawah) against PPP govt... so this so called operation was launched to eliminate,crush and teach them a lesson and in their place install another armed gang which was more loyal to Tappi Zardari.

    MQM too uses such tactics to eliminate 'rogue' unit and sector terrorist,it then dumps their bodies in gunny sacks(bori bund lash) and start acting as aggrieved victim party.


    Jo Quaid Ka Ghaddar hai woh Mout Ka Haqdar hai..


  • Nawaz Sharif is the foremost expert on ops in the country.

    He started Karachi op and he was PM during Kargil.

    Oh wait he got owned after Kargil.

  • @doctor

    I just asked a simple question. Nawaz Sharif thinks Liyari operation is against national interest.

    Just wondering what his thoughts are about the Karachi operation under his premiership.

    MQM pae laan taan tau aap bachpan sae kartay aa rehay ho..back in the days of pre pkpolitics and karachi met blogs.

  • And just a few days ago he was all to setup millitary courts in Karachi...

  • Military courts and even handed,impartial Military operation is the only solution for Karachi. Police have once again proven in liyari operation that it is incompetent and politicized. So much arms and ammunition have been stockpiled by these criminal political gangs so naturally conventional military operation might not be possible and might needlessly result in heavy loss of life,instead military should use carrot and stick policy. Rather then going after low level thugs/goons/unit terrorists it should send CLEAR SIGNAL to those controlling and running the affairs of these criminal mafia gangs such as goons at MQM's terror HQ Nine Zero that surrender your weapons or else be ready to face the music.

  • And rather than sending CLEAR SIGNAL to those controlling; PML-N has offered them to join PML-N GREAT... Uzair Baloch Sharif

  • PPP has botched up and created a mess in Liyari and have alienated liyariites despite the fact that they remained loyal and stood by them through thick and thin. Instead doing development work for them they made liyari a hellhole. So liyari is basically is up for grabs and every party including Lota Tehreek will attempt to get its share of pie.

  • Realllyy??? You will defend it... GREAT.. He is the guy who runs the biggest extortion and drug gang in Karachi and you are So proud to take him in... No Wonder people call PML-N a "MUNAFIQ LEAGUE"

  • In deen-e-Imrani its only 'halal' for U Turn Khan of Lota Tehreek to do business with biggest bhathakhor and mass murderer of Pakistan . No wonder people call him confused U turn Khan..

  • Ok,, So you're back to your dirty business... Carry ON...

  • @doctor

    Still. Waiting for your answer. So your piece of pie is uzair Baloch? I guess PML left behind in the street crime, bhatta khori, kidnapping, prostitution, torture. So they are acquiring PAC

    Kutch bhi karlo, seat koi nahi milni. Better stay focus in Lahore, kahin wo bhee hath sae na nikal jaye

  • I fail to understand why people and some media are glorifying these amn committee animals.

    Instead of criticising the operation, people and politicians should criticise the failure of it and pressurise government to finish the job and sanitize lyari.

    I dont understand how people make a hero out of the killers. First it was sipah sahaba then taliban and now this amn committee.

  • @anasyounus

    Its only kosher for Convicted Adulterer Khan to have murders, kidnappers, militants, robbers, adulterers, gamblers( Jawaris), Sataybaaz(bookies) etc in his party..


    Rangers raid on PTI office in Karachi, 7 workers detained


    Rangers and Police officials have raided an office of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Rasheed Abad area of Khawaja Ajmeer Nagri, Karachi. More than 7 workers including PTI Unit In-charge Altaf Mehsud who were involved in various crimes including kidnapping for ransom, robberies and street crimes, arrested. PTI Leader Ashraf Qureshi strongly condemned the raid.





    Listen carefully to what N's MNA from Islamabad Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudry said about this issue. He said that if these guys don't trust PPP/sindh govt/sindh police then they should lay down their weapons and surrender to rangers,they would be transferred to any jail in punjab and neutral & transparent investigation could be conducted & their cases could be heard in courts there.




    Obviously if Altaf and his MQMized unit/sector terrorists are murderers and Bhathakhors then that does not taints the reputation of all residents of Azizabad/Liaqautabad/LaluKhet etc. They are all respectable peaceful citizens & remain eligible to vote just like any other voter. Same is the case with Liyariites. They remain eligible voters unless of course if Lota Khan and Tsunami in a Lota Tehreek goes to court and get them barred from voting in next elections just because they belong to 'notorious' liyari..

  • Are they deploying Punjab Ranger in Lyari as they are different entity than Mehran Force aka Sindh Rangers? How in the helll, they will have jurisdiction in Karachi and according to what ordinance they will be deployed there. Isn't it a provincial matter?

  • @RQ

    Rangers have been deployed in Liyari.. and things have calmed down since their deployment. These guys don't trust sindh govt and sindh police but they trust DG Rangers 'Sindh'. Today joker Rehman Malik visited Lea Market(outside liyari) and claimed that he visited liyari. People there clearly told him that they don't trust police and only rangers can bring peace there.