High Moral Demanded from PM . Do PCO Judges have Moral Ground to disqualify?????

  • After this recent court judgement there is talk of PM Gilani to resign on High Moral Grounds. As it happens in civilized world.

    Does it happen in any civilized world where Judges take oath on PCO to serve a dictator and then same PCO judges disqualify a uninimous elected PM.

    where is moral of a JUdges.

    High Moral for PML-N

    Has any serving government hasever attacked a sitting Supreme Court the way was done by Nawaz.

    High Moral for PTI.

    The day Yousaf Memon declared that he gave money to Javed Hashmi from Mehran Bank and Javed Hashmi admitted taking money the same day he was made President of PTI... not to mention the other moral icons of MUsh joing PTI.

  • @Shamwariz bhai, you are putting people in trouble by demanding similar high moral ground actions. Even Army chief, after Abbotabad .......

  • High Moral is a thing which always looks good for others to loose and we to win. but if otherwise then Nazrya-e- Zaroorat

  • some people think High morals are their kaneez