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  • Speaking at the Asian Society on January 25, 2008, Imran khan made forecast that: "I can give you in writing that 18th February 2008 (date of general elections) would be the lowest turnout in Pakistan's history."

    Turnout in:

    1990: 45.50%

    1993: 40.30%

    1997: 36.00%

    2002: 41.80%

    2008: 44.11%

  • @Sam khan aap ko aur koyee kaam nahe mila

  • @Sam Khan

    Do you have nothing else to do other than exposing certain politicians based on facts and figures?

  • Hay Genius,

    Do you agree with Supreme Court's verdict that 45% of votes are bogus? If not, tell your dumb leader to surround the Supreme Court and get rid of unjust judiciary.

    Now if you have decided to come to this line, lets do some basic arithmetic.

    Total percentage of votes: 100%

    Bogus votes: 45%

    Good votes: 55%

    Average turn out in the elections of 90s

    (other elections were under dictators): 40%

    Actual turn out without massive rigging: 40% of 55 = 22%

    Real numbers may even be less. Here you have to agree with me that most of the rigging was done by MQM and PML(q-the Mush party)

    This is the number Imran Khan has been talking about.

    Lets update your table now:

    Turnout in:

    1990: 45.50%

    1993: 40.30%

    1997: 36.00%

    2008: 22.00%

  • Gosh.

    These Ilzamis are real retards repeating the same mantra of "bogus" votes without actually reading Supreme Court;s order or knowing anything about these votes.

    "Sharif Aadmi" must be pulling his hair out as he has been trying to teach these "buddhay totay" so many times on this issue but to no avail.

  • reading and thinking is not allowed by the supreme leader of the sect ....only ilzams and buhtans are allowed

  • From Election commission web site:

    Comparison between FER-2007 and DER-2011 Electoral Rolls

    FER-07 Voter of Pakistan: 81 Millions

    FER-07 Verified Voter of Pakistan: 44 Millions

    NADRA Augmented Voters in DER-2011 (New Voters): 37 Millions

    Draft Electoral Rolls (DER-2011) Voters of Pakistan (Verified plus New): 81 Millions

    FER-07 Un-Verified Voter of Pakistan (In the back pocket of political mafia): 37 Millions

    Percentage of Bogus (unverified) vote: 37/81 = 45.67%

    Can someone post the Supreme Court verdict here?