Alkhidmat Foundation's Ambulance & CNBC TV Van Attacked By Sindh Police In Lyari

  • Alkhidmat Foundation's Ambulance that providing free food and medical services to besieged residents of Liyari and CNBC tv van which was also accompanying them was attacked By Sindh Police In Lyari.

  • This is a useless operation until pioneer of bhatta khori MQM is included

    And a person like Naseerullah Babar is needed who can hang all these rascals upside down

  • May be they were supplying weapons. After all there are a few JI favorites "Mehsoods" also in Layari gangs.

  • Supplying weapons is MQM's business. We all know how they use Khimat-e-Khalq Ambulances(KKF so called 'welfare wing' of criminal mafia gang MQM Altaf) to supply and transfer weapons from one place to another. On 12 may 2007 they were quite active supplying weapons to MQM foot soldiers and were busted and caught with their pants down by millions of tv viewers around the world..

  • Gang stockpiling 97% of arms in Karachi (MQM Altaf) haven't been touched yet. They've got almost 200 unit/sector terror cells each more notorious then these guys. So wait till any action or operation is launched against these MQM militants,you'd once again see MQM's KKF ambulances in action.

  • Aren't you and IJT goons known for introducing weapons to Karachi and bringing afghani drug and arms smugglers to Karachi as well? Yes you do, you little pri*ck. I am with Rohail, this donkey Niamatullah is back to his old jihadi business or at least it is a photo-op.

  • "Supplying weapons is MQM's business."

    MQM is the buyer, not the supplier.

    Their is no illegal arm factory in Karachi. Arm supplier sits somewhere in northern Pakistan, and they have kind of reputation that for money they can sale their mothers let alone arms. MQM pay the right price and get what they want:)

    May be Lyari heights using the same supplier.

  • Ever since NATO containers started arriving in Karachi, Tribal areas are no more the primary point of origin for weapons .

  • But perhaps the biggest cache of weapons for MQM comes directly from their brothers in RAW

  • MQM Got weapons from Sea route while the Pathons got it from Balochistan and Peshawere...Baloch got this from MIrza....

  • ab siraikion ko hathiar dainay ke planning ha

  • hehehe....yar weapons are available in every part of Pakistan...

  • Tribal areas simply don't produce advanced weapons that are used by coward Mule Altaf Bhaghora and his MQMized criminal gang.

    Altaf's favorite port and shipping ministry and 'arms containers'.. just connect the dots and you'd know how these MQMized criminal are holding Karachi hostage

  • This is another myth that NATO containers containing arms were diverted to MQM.

    Do you have any proof of that? other than Ummat newsclips

    You think NATO and US would allow their cargo to be diverted and not take any notice?

    Or if MQM is importing weapons through Kemari Port, then there must be some invoices and cargo descriptions somewhere.

  • Supreme Court ordered action against customs officials just for nothing. The 3000 NATO containers that went missing were actually directly sent to the "Kabul Sea Port" through ships.

    And even if the 3000 NATO containers went missing, they did not contain any weapons, they were full of "pampers" only.

  • @Adonis

    Please provide some details from NATO/US side. If the US has no clue that 3000 NATO containers went missing, maybe you should tell them. If the US Embasssy does not entertain you, please send your report to FOX news. They will definitely listen to you and pay you handsomely.

  • Why should US complain? The cargo reached their desired destination i.e. their local terrorist agents.

    It was the Supreme Court of Pakistan which expressed the concern that the containers have been deliberately diverted to terrorists.

  • Agree Nato weapons are also used in these Gang Wars........

  • Please send your story to Fox News. They will be very much interested in this story. US supplying arms to MQM.

    They would like to hit Obama admin with this scandal in election year and you will get compensated handsomely.

  • Don't ask for proof, it is the trait of PMLN shitnews cadre and doctor death crapping with their mental filth.