Do you want PMLN TO Resign..?

  • That's the biggest crock of horse shyte I have ever seen. Only an idiot would think that if 91 members of the assembly resign and government would continue. PPP government cannot stay another day if noora league resigns. This combined with resignation from Punjab assembly would rattle the PPP government but Shahbaz Sharif being a Munafiq of highest order is good for barking and butchering Jalib's poetry. But when it comes to act, nooras resort to hurjana and toys if ya know what I mean.

  • PPP is not playing game based on any rules, if they got any opportunity in the form of PMLN resignation, they will just create more MESS and nobody will be in parliment to stop them. I think resignation should not be even consider as an option.

  • In situations like these, there is a person who says the following..

    "yaa allah kia karoon..kuch samajh nahi aaraha. Abba ji ko bhi itni jaldi marnaa thaa"

    Guess who?

  • @bsobaid Bahi

    aap nein Kaab say Luch Tal Party Join ke hai :)

  • Q League is the Real Opposition Party-Imran Khan

    Few More National Issues in which Imran Tsunami never came out:-

    NO word uptill now against NICL Big Scam

    No Details given uptill now about that Secrete Meeting with US ambassador just 1 day before the Release of Raymond Davis.

    NO Stance on Abbottabad Issue

    No Stance on Mehran base attack

    No stance on Karachi Killing uptill now

    No Stance on Quetta Killings

    MQM & PTI Ideology is the same and can make an alliance-Imran Khan

    Imran Meeting with MQM Leader in Dubai Hotel before Karachi Jalsa for Arrangement

    MQM Leader Altaf Hussain the 1st one to give Congratulations to imran on Karachi Jalsa

    Musharraf se Abb be behtreen Dostana Talqaat hain,dog gift ka shukerya -Imran

    Aggar Mairee Haqoomat aa gaee tu i will close the terrorrists routs to india ke for indian security

    Multan mai PPP Condidate ka support karna

    Being Pissed on Long March day just b/c he was not dominated on day and up-till now pissed.

  • if there was any advantage for PMLn in resigning then PTI would never demand it from PMLn. PMLn should stay in assemblies because they have a bigger role to play in coming months.

  • PML-N should decide it according to their own strategy

    No need to be blackmailed by tsunami in the lota of tea

    After all they are the only antiestablishment party at the moment

    If something goes wrong in the form of martial law etc only PML-N leaders will be behind the bars

    And dum-dari,kalia,surkha,diesel engine and kochwan khan will be welcoming general aainda khan

  • @PMLN Followers

    The only benefit PMLN can get by not resigning is that they will be able to present an AWAMI budget and role in EC/Care Taker setup. Otherwise, PMLN can't stop Govt. to pass any resolution as they have clear majority.

    PMLN is saying same thing regarding 20th amendment, which tv anchors, PTI and other parties(who boycotted 2008 election)were saying at that time, that we will not get an impartial and independent EC in the result of this amendment.

  • Not in a million years!!! Whoever suggests that PML-N should resign (and we know who that/those numskull (s) is/are), either needs to get a serious dose of life or get laid.

  • Welcome back Qaisar!!! Alas, after been AWOL for a quiet a number of days; I seriously deduce that you still need to grow up a little bit more ;)

  • Not in million years, and why should they resign, and that is on demand of IK, who himself have no idea what to do or say at any moment of crisis !!!

    PML-N should stay in Parliament, we have not voted them in the parliament so that they leave the same whenever there is any crisis...

  • NO, No, NOO,

    If they resign, next election will be hijacked and kidnaped, and raped

  • NO!!

  • NO, NO way..on top of that, PTI is the only establishment party which is out of parliament...we should not give PPPP an open play ground to play with next election along with establishment

  • I think people have misunderstood as IK's demand is that PMLN should resign from Punjab Assembly only. This will allow Governor Raj in Punjab with Khosa of PPP as Governor and Chief Exec of province

    After this Lahore Canal will be extended throughout Punjab and fresh milk will be flowing instead of dirty water for the welfare of poor people

  • NO WAY!!! this is not the solution they should stay and keep on firing on PPP if the let them free the will start playing their "FINAL ROUND" of corruption including the detailed matters above in thread !!!