Rehman Malik is weeping in karachi...Yet Nawaz is not gone to the Sindh

  • IG of Evils is weeping because PPPP is loosing ground in Sindh...PML N had to hot hard go in Sindh and perform as many as Jalsa....

  • This week tour of Nawaz In Sindh...Will give further weepings and sweats to PPPP....NOw people Aman Commeti is not good...Where is Mirza....The dirty man...

  • Uzair Baloch said will stand against Bilawal and thats the main issue.All problem started when Gaus Ali Shah visited lyari and met them,PPP knew real Lyari leaders are going to join PMLN, so they started operation

  • MuazzamAli, best of luck but I fear your enthusiasm might prove to be merely a bubble of water. The psychology of people in Sindh is quite different. Whether you call it is unfortunate but until they start thinking from their own conscious, things will not change. Although it is time that people should get rid of old political rituals and mindset, but yet nothing can be predicted. I am not trying to degrade the people there but they should realize that ZA Bhutto is no more and so is the BB. The present PPP lot is a group of thugs who are fooling and emotionally blackmailing the sentiments of poor nation.

  • @ Zingaro yes PPPP is still strong in Sindh...but so much majority in Sindh must have to stopped...Because there should be an opposition there....So must go there and hit hard...Specially use the Sariki issue because 40% people in Sindh speaks Sariki...PPPP has demand for the division of Sindh...they to go very hard...People will cry...But the cradibilty of IG of evils who do not able to read Surat Iklass ....Musharraf does not able to prove any thing with his courts how he can.........

  • ... After Paka Quila operation in Hyderbad, Ijaz Ul haq and Nawaz Sharif visited Hyderbad and 10000s of people showed up in their Jalsa...

    but when it was time to vote, they voted for MQM as always.

    Layari may be bleeding under PPP but we all know they gona vote for PPPP for next 20 years.

    Kind of bad for our politics but thats how it goes.

  • @expak

    Can Yu put this in PTIans Brain too because they are going

    haa..hooo on some s....hity poll just came out which puts

    them no 2 after PPP, well ahead of MQM.

  • @Zufi, I can sense prejudice in your words. Comparing PPP acceptance in Lyari with the present popularity of PTI is totally illogical. The paradigmatic changes have worked well and I have no doubt that PTI is going to give tough time to N-league especially in the urban areas of Punjab. If a pigeon closes his eyes in front of a cat, it does not mean there is no cat.