Why librels,,,anti islam suport PTI

  • I never see a person joo kay din dar ho aur PTI ki suport bi ker raha hoo,,,,all LIBRELS ,,,,LIKE,,HASAN NISAR,,,,SHAFQAT MEHMOD,,,,MUBASIR LUQMAN,,,JAVID IQBAL,,,FOZIA QASORI,,,IBRARUL HAQ,,,KHURSHED MEHMOD KASURI,,,

    THEY all suport PTI,,,,,,,,,,,

  • سب وینا ملک کے پرستار ہیں

    اور وینا ملک کی اثاثے ڈکلیئر کرنے کی پالیسی کے حامی ہیں


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  • imran is a ret duporter of JAVID GHAMDI,,,,A LIBREL SCOLER

  • Bilal, Can you give us a single name of any Din Daar person? Or anybody who you think is a Din Daar?

    (Please donot assume that I am advocating anybody joining or not joining PTI, just interested to know who is Din Daar)

  • those who love islam and muslim,,,,,npt librel,,,r dinn dar

  • I encourage you to write your thoughts. But please have a mercy on future generations who if find your post in 2100, will say, slacker supporters of a dumb leader. Have a spell check or write in Urdu.

    Now the liberals, they are more educated, with more new ideas, less bigot people I have seen. Ask your leader, if he listens to you, when did he read a book last time. Would be very interesting to learn the answer.

    And remember, I do not consider journalist Haroon Rashid a liberal.

  • WE belive islam is our religion,,,,why we hate yahodi,,,,american,,,they r most educated person in the world,,,american r most book reader nation

    but we hate them because they r librels,,,they thing religion ca not take part in govt.

    these librels r also president in pakistan like HASAN NISAR,,,DR JAVID IQBAL,,,SHAFQAT MEHMODD,,,SHER MAZARI,,,

    THESE librels think religion not take part in goverment

    shame for such librels

    we love oue religion,,,,,

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  • @Chaddury and Billu bhai

    I salute you guys, you are real religeous people. I believe you love Islam and follow its orders and dont doubt any of its instructions??

  • Just thinking as to is wrong in being a liberal or a non liberal? As long as no one dictates what I have to do, I am comfortable with both liberals and non liberals. I am all for a liberal or non liberal who is positive and has plans for the uplift of nation.

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  • @Hypocrite bhai, do you seriously want to confront chaddury mindset?? r u serious?

  • kiah hasan nisar hamara idel hay,,,,,,,

    jo bandah sharab petah ho

    jo ulmahe kram ko bulah bhala kehtah ho

    jo islam ka dusman ho

    joo qadiino ko muslm kehtah hooo

    lanat hay un logo per jin ka yeh ideal hay........

  • @bilal bhai, Salam hey aap key ideals per, zara apni list to dey, aap ki help kerdeyta hoon,

    1)Nawaz sharif

    2)Shahbaz sharif

    3)Osama bin ladin

    4)Mulla Fazlulla

    5)Muslim Khan


  • usama muslim world ka hero hay,,,shame those people who not love usama bin laden,,,,,

  • I would not say liberals, but many seculars and those who have always been against religious circles are certainly supporters of PTI.

    In fact I have observed that the biggest chunk of Imran Khan supporters are those who have been either PPP's supporters or Musharraf's supporters in the past.

    As the world view of this group is completely opposite to that of Muslim League which has always been a right of center, pro-Islam party, therefore it is natural for them to be anti-PML. As Imran Khan is currently considered the best hope of giving any real competition to Muslim League therefore they are supporting PTI.

    There is nothing wrong in this per say. One tends to support those whom he likes or in this case, my enemy's enemy is my friend. In fact, PTI's emergence has given a refuge to these secular minded people who had started feeling ashamed trying to justify their continued support to PP, given the "brilliant" performance of PPP governance.

    It is true that the religious minded people do not like PTI at all but then they have never liked PPP as well. So the opposing camps are almost the same. The only difference is that the mantle of representative of secular camp is being transferred from PPP to PTI.

  • Muslim League which has always been a right of center, pro-Islam party, ..

    Yeah the same pro- islam party leaders who do gilay shikway t amreeki for ignoring them in private meetings and try to convince them of their roshan khayal etadaal pasandi.

    Noon need to do better than this...aap log noon kee social media investment kaa yeh output day rahay hein? Afsoosnaak

  • You may like it or not, the fact of the matter is that Muslim League has always been a right wing or right of the center party while PPP has always been a left wing or left of the center party.

    Now with a PPP that is led by Zardari, most of the supporters of left wing politics find it impossible to support PPP anymore. Therefore, it is natural for them to support PTI.

  • Muslim league(((N))) is a right wing religious party ...what a joke?

    پاکستان میں ملک اور مذہب کے نام کا غلط استعمال کچھ زیادہ ہے- کوئی کاروباری خاندان اپنے ذاتی مفاد کے لیےپارٹی بنا کر اسے پاکستان مسلم لیگ کا نام دے کر اسلام کے نام پر سب کچھ کرنے کا مجاز بن جاتا ہے

    پاکستانیوں کو ان کے مذہب اور ملک کے نام کا غلط استعمال روکنا چاہیے