Student’s loyalty with Imran Khan cost Shahbaz Sharif


    By Mirza Hassan - May 5th, 2012

    Siakot, Punjab: A die hard supporter of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, studying business administration, who has received a laptop from Punjab’s students uplift program has donated his laptop to PTI district office.

    Asad Ali, A student of Bachelor in Business Administration at Government Murray College Sialkot, donated his laptop to local PTI chapter on Friday.

    Interesting Asad has got this laptop from Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif , whose party Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz is considered to be main rival of Imran Khan, at his college.

    Some critics of PML-N say that distribution of about 1,25,000 laptops among students of educational instites of Punjab is a tactical move by Shahbaz Sharif to counter growing popularity of Khan among youths.

    A special program was arranged by PTI local chapter in honor of Asad Ali on donating his laptop to the party.

    ”I have received this laptop just because of Imran Khan,” Asad said during the event referring to apparent strategy by PML-N to counter PTI growth among youth.

    “That is why I am donating this to district office of PTI,” he added.

  • @Asif-If this gesture shows the love for IK, then IK should be really worried and stop boasting of having monopoly on youths, as out of 125,000 only 1 youth showered his love on him. What a pity

  • This news shows two things:

    1. Shahbaz Sharif awarded laptops to the youth who even did not belong to PML-N. It is a plus point for N-league and I must say that it should be admired even if we differ from N-League.

    2. The boy who donated it to PTI, did dishonesty. Government of Punjab awarded him on merit and for his future studies purpose but he donated it for political purposes. PTI could have bought a computer from their party fund, but certainly I condemn this act, despite of my all critics on N-League.

  • If he did't need it, he should have given it to some deserving student.

  • Shahbaz Sharif 100% merit...atleast 50 + students who might vote for PTI but now they promised to vote for PML N....because of PTI false allagetions against Lap top scheme...i am a teacher by profession........

  • What a shameful act by PTI. If PTI has any self respect it should make this student tender an official apology and issue a statement discouraging the same.

    I hail from Karachi and I never supported this stupid laptop campaign but the campaign contained a clause declaring about needing a laptop.

    An acceptance of this donation would be official patronage of dishonesty and crime but what else do you expect from someone party who thinks blowing parliament is a joke.

  • @ agree with you secularists...This act of PTI has favoured PML N...

  • Instead he should have sold the laptop and should have donated the money to PTI.

  • @secularist

    "campaign contained a clause declaring about needing a laptop."

    If this is true, it is a very important point about the value system of both this student and PTI.

    Can anyone share the statement about "declaration of needing a laptop".

  • @Zingaro

    Your honesty and impartiality on such an important matter is highly appreciated.

    I make dua that myslef and Pakistanies in general have the same courage to say right when it is right...regardless of our political affiliation...just like you have done.

  • @1lhr

    Thank you brother for understanding. I believe that application of principles should start from my own self and same is advised to every one. Alhamdu Lillah I have courage to say right when it is right. I have differed from N-league most of the times, but does that bind me to accept the truth? Certainly NOT. In my point of view PTI workers clearly acted dishonestly and I stated it openly. And I join in the pray that may Allah give courage to our all fellows to speak truth when it is required regardless of any political affiliations.

  • Zingaro@

    Thanks, bhai apne tu darya koozey mein band kar dia, fully agreed.

  • The guy who gifted that laptop to PTI tried to show his love for PTI, but in fact he showed that there was pure merit.

  • My brother got 96% numbers (I.T) PU...Laptop awarded..But as we have lap top we said gave it to any other....if one spoils our this effort we will say that that person is 20+ student got my street 3 got which 2 are female....Students are happy and those who are making fool of laptop scheme...Who got lap top are saying those who are making fool of this scheme are not honest with education and students...SS is working too much hard for I.T....

  • Even top 50 I.T companies said PUNJAB has best base for you sir you did excellent work for I.T