PTI Scared After PMLN Blaster Jalsa in Taxila


    Jehanzeb Hafeez

    SATURDAY, MAY 5, 2012

    PTI scared after PML(N) Blaster Jalsa in Taxila

    Today: PTI Scared after the jalsa of PML(N) in Taxila and trying to deceive the People of Pakistan through different tactics which is helping inside Zardari point of View. People of Pakistan Well aware of that, Imran khan supporting Zardari & Gillani from Last 2 years continuously when PMLN launch a protest against zardari Imran khan trying to help zardari side that's why fever of PMLN in now hitting to both or Zardari & Imran khan. we know Corrupt and thag tola is standing on right & left side of Imran khan ....................shame on that type Inqalab which is full of Corruption & land mafia , Qasooris, Lagaris, Rai Hassan nawaz khan, Azam Sawati, Sardar Asaf Ahmad Ali, Mian Azhar, Aleem khan, Faiz Taman, Jangir Tareen, Shafqat Mahmood. Shah Mahmood Qureshi etc....This list is in thousands these are most Corrupt and Fascist person in Pakistan one of land Graber of PTI Mahmood ul Rasheed capturing Punjab university land................i hate those rascal's saying him self inqalabi............

  • SHAME for pti

  • This keeps getting better, first it was "Maro yah maar do" and now a "blaster Jalsa" in Ch. Nisar's home constituency, LOL.

    As I said earlier, these are not rallies but "Farts" as suggested by their slogans.

    Apparently, after all the "masalaydar qeemay walay naan", it turned in to a real "blaster", people couldn't even breath. After Ch. Nisar ripped a big on stage, crowd yelled in unison "mian dey naray waj gaye, sher punjabi gaj gaye".

  • I thought baRay mian was trying to scare Zardari and Gilani.

  • It is extremely unfortunate that NS in his speech blasted Zaradri and Geelinani only........but seems like scared even Zardari's poodle as well!