PP-243 Hassamuddin Khosa of PML N & PP-245 Sardar Muhammad Khan Leghari will win

  • PP-243 pet seat of Khosa's and PP-245 Pet seat of Sardar Muhammad khan Lagari (Having support of PPPP, PML Q and PTI) but contesting as independent.......

  • Muazzim@

    bro that is my home constituency, but we have no chance there, that is Legharis native seat, surely they will win. my interest is only to see the result of our village and the nearby polling station.

  • So muazzam U were Right On PP 243 PMLN winning against PPP,PTI,PMLQ's Joint Candidate while ON PP 245 Q league Candidate is winning While PTI's Candidate is 2nd . so Maqsood Lagahri group is winning their Home seat on 245. That isnt good for PTI bcoz their candidate supported by Awais Laghari is losing at the momnt from PP 245.

    Sorry to mention Its Unofficial PTI'S candidate.

    Bye the way this is Chouti Zarein seat Which is the Strong Hold of Awais Laghari Group and they r losing at the momont. Worrieng Signs for PTI bcoz this was there Expected seat No 1 in Genral elections.

  • And the word is that Maqsood Leghari's candidate will join PML-N once he wins this seat.

  • Siddiqi, no brother, he will never join N-League, Maqsood Leghari is a strong ally of Q-League and also having a soft corner for PPP, in fact he is a typical lota, secondly he has conflict with Khosa family. so no chance of him. but did anybody see today Awais Leghari was present at a polling station today. he was working for Imtiaz Leghari on PP243, you can say Imtiaz was the joint candidate of PPP, Q-League and PTI. and in PP245 PTI in shape of Awais Leghari, was supporting Zeeshan Haidar Leghari.

  • Chaudaru@

    That is the reason Awais leghari is not resigning. he knows if he resign, this seat will be switched to Hafiz Abdul Karim or Maqsood Leghari's son, and in both cases, Awais would have rare chance to win again.

  • Chaudaru@

    at our polling station, Mirza Talpur secured 342 and Muhammad Leghari 123, while Zeeshan Leghari could secure only 39 votes.

  • which one is Dera ghazi khan city.

  • PP-243- pmln already won

    pp 245- Sardar Muhammad Leghari( PMLQ) Won

    Second was PMLN

    Third was Zeeshan Leghari independent,

    now you guys tell me who was supporting whom

  • @ IP Bhai

    on PP 243 Ind. Candidate was Unofficial joint Candidate of PTI,PMLQ,and PPP

    On PP 245 PMLQ(Maqsood Laghari Group) Candidate was Mohammad laghari while Zeeshan Laghrai was Unofficial Candidate of PTI(Awais and Jamal Laghari group) . so that means Tecnically PMLQ 1st PMLN 2nd and PTI finished 3rd . More over PP 245 is a Garh of Awais Laghari. Now if Laghries remains splited than in Genral elections PMLN will Inn Sha Allah win NA 172 .


    Bro M i right ?

  • @ ZUFI Bhai

    No seat is of Dera Gahazi Khan city . PP 245 comes under NA 172 Which is a dera gazi kahn city . But taht pp wing is rural . I guess PP 244 is urban seat.

  • @xations Bahi

    Good result from ur Polling station. and yes thats AWAIS isnt resigning from NA. I feel Pity for PTI becoz in my opinion PP 245 is PTI's safest seat in genral elections so as NA 172 BUT ALAAS Dil k arman aansoon mein beh gaye.

  • bhai ab tu maza aye ga, as any son of Maqsood Leghari or his brother Mansoor will be the joint candidate of Q-League and PPP. Awais will fight on PTI Ticket, thus this will be a three way neck to neck contest. PP245 is a totally rural and neglected area. but NA172 consists on DGKhan city having 9 union counsals and 11 from the rural areas. let me tell you that in 2008 N-League candidate was leading from the city with a margin of more than 11000. but this guy zeeshan haidar helped with rigging to grab this seat for Farooq Leghari.

  • @ Xations Bahi

    well said and now PMLN is 70-30 Fav. to Win NA 172 if there is 3 way fight . City area will B again dominated By Pmln.

  • will not be like this, but if there will be 2 candidates from LEghari family then PML N has greater chance

  • i m also saying on that base if Laghries remain siplitted

  • yes, but look at the facts, in 2008, Q-League secured more than 18000 votes, and Muhammad leghari the guy who won today got more than 14000 votes as an independent candidate, and Saeed Buzdar of PPP got more than 16000 votes, Shafi Talpur PML N could got only 4000 votes, now today's results you people know better, Muhammad leghari was the joint candidate of PPP and Q-League and got 25000 votes, N-League got about 12000

  • PML N is improving...they have to Hit PPPP hard specially in Sindh...Because when you hit anyone in there town then the cracks start....Time of cracking is very near....Do not think about PTi...PTI seats will depend upon number of factors...If number of factors go in their favour then may they have the chance to win few...By resignation of PML N ...PTI will got benefit...yes one thing is sure...IF Awais Lagari will resign He will surely lost his seat........

  • do any one post the exect number of votes received by each candidate.........

  • Another egg on the Bacha Jumhooras of Deen-e-Ilzam and off springs of Imran "David Koresh" Khan: