IF executive do not Follow d CourtOder It is d responsibility People 2 come out

  • Justice Asif Khosa in Detail Judgement....

    PML N has took the right step...I hope all those we want independent judiciary may come to roads...I believe PTI,JI and other will too come....IN Texala...No electricity for 18 hours of the day...Just to Punish the People of Texala for a Historic show....We do not need light we need justice...If justice will be there...Every thing will be in Order...PML do not worry from weather..if any one comes that gud...you have to come....you got vote on the basis of freedom for Judicary and you have to do it again.......Hit hard and Hard enough do not worry about army......


    April 23, 2012

    The results of this poll will not be released by IRI(One party is using it). However, IRI is making available the methodology and the demographics to demonstrate that the poll complies with professional standards in the industry.

    Poll work was conducted by the Institute for Public Opinion Research based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Oversight and analysis was provided by Robert Varsalone of Maven Public Affairs.

    The population under study is representative of the adult population of Pakistan (see demographics below).

    A multi-stage probability sample was used. In the first stage, the sample was stratified into four provinces. In the second stage, the sample was further stratified into districts within each province by rural and urban categories. In the third stage, each district was further stratified by union councils.

    Kish method was used to select respondents 18 years and older within the randomly selected household. The left hand method was used to select every third household in localities selected through area probability sample.

    The sample was distributed at the provincial level, rural and urban, in all four provinces of Pakistan (except for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Chitral). The sample was then post-weighted to make it proportionate to national representation by province.

    Face-to-face interviews were conducted. The interview teams were comprised of both of males and females; the female respondents were interviewed by female interviewers and male respondents by male interviewers.

    Sample size: 5,985

    Eligibility: Age 18 and order

    Margin of error: ±1.27 percent

    Response Rate: Slightly more than 84 percent

    The field work was conducted from February 9-March 3, 2012

    Demographic Breakdown

  • @MuazzamAli: Dude, what you had in dinner?

    First you wanted to "condom" the political parties, now you are asking "People 2 cum out"???

  • @ dusky brother it was spell mistake...in 2nd was due to lack of space..........

  • dusky, aap baray woh hoo..

    Muazzam, It is unclear to me why you wrote this line

    "Justice Asif Khosa in Detail Judgement...."

    ARe you saying the Justice praised Noon League for taking the right step? or Justice is asking awam to come on streets?

  • @ bsobaid Justice aSIF KHOSA Told the way what people have to do...when executive do not obey the court order...........

  • عبید بھی میں کہاں وہ ہوں، یہ تو موظّم بھائ کئ سوچ ہے، لگتا ہے ٹوٹے دیکھ کر پی کے پولیٹکس پر ڈسکسس کرنے آگے ہیں...

  • haahaahaa..dusky seriously, aap waqai mein baray woh hein..

  • عبید بھائی یہ زیاتی کر رہے ہیں آپ میرے ساتھہ، ٹوٹوں کے مزے معظم بھائی نے لیے اور الزام مجھ پر.....

  • "It is d responsibility People 2 cum out"

    In other words if the people don't come out, they should **** themselves or at least their hands....

  • I wonder what should the other half of population do???

  • Dusky, ilzam kahan? mein tou bass aap kee shararatoo se mehzooz horaha hoon.

  • acha, ab ziyada gandee baatein nahi warna Asnar Abbasi aik aur column likh dalay gaa.

  • Noon team is in shambles in the absence of their captain Siddiqi, becharay full "toss" aur wide bowling kerwa Rahay hain, where is the captain when you need him.

  • آصف بھائی، دوسرے دھاگے کا جواب یہاں دے رہا ہو

    نہی آصف بھائی، صدیقی بھائی ایک باکردار مہاجر آدمی ہیں، وہ مر تو سکتے ہیں لیکن جس کا ایک دفع ساتھ دیا اس کو چھوڑ نہی سکتے

  • کیا باکردار مہاجروں کا کریکٹر ڈھیلا ہوتا ہے؟

  • جب وہ کریں تو بلکل ڈھیلا ہوتا ہے، جب اور کریں تو مجبوری ہوتی ہے