LAPTOPS - Vision & Priority

  • PMLN has shown time and again that, there is a lack of vision in their policies. I would give u only one example of checking GHOST Schools through ARMY. Do you believe it was a permanent and feasible solution? NO, bcoz it was a temporary and short term way to find out the GHOST Schools, and there was no guarantee that those found will not become GHOST again after few months. The proper solution would have been to empower the local ppl, so that local ppl whose kids go to those schools could make decisions about the teachers and all other stuff(In UK schools r run by boards comprising locals/parents/teachers).

    And now, LAPTOPS, I know being a student how hard it is to get first job? I believe PMLN should have arranged internships/traineships for the graduates, with the help of Govt./Private Sector joint venture. This would have helped both economy, private sector and most importantly the fresh graduates.

    The other thing is that they should not diverted Basic Education funds for this purpose. Can PMLN justify the laptop scheme after seeing the situation of this school? And, trust me its not the only school in punjab, there are many more where ppl r using them for their cattles.