Unaccounted for: Rs38b go missing from Punjab accounts

  • Unaccounted for: Rs38b go missing from Punjab accounts


    The Punjab government is unable to explain where it has spent Rs38 billion, which is missing from its accounts for the current fiscal year, official sources told The Express Tribune.

    The authorities are reluctant to reconcile the missing amount despite repeated letters of accountant general (AG), they said.

    It is feared that either the amount was embezzled or the Punjab government was not willing to share the details of expenditures with the AG – the custodian of public money.

    The AG in a letter requested the Punjab chief minister to intervene personally in the issue, as the chief secretary was not responding even after repeated requests, an official said requesting anonymity.

    Punjab AG Chaudhry Muhammad Aslam, in a letter No R&P/2011-12/31 dated March 27 written to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, pointed out that there was a gap of Rs38 billion between the expenditures in civil accounts of Punjab government since July and no department was ready to reconcile this big amount, sources in the chief minister’s secretariat said.

    According to a copy obtained by The Express Tribune, the Punjab AG wrote that unfortunately over the years the reconciliation of expenditures and receipts had weakened owing to non-responsive attitude of spending provincial departments and principal accounting officers by diversion of funds into Special Drawing Accounts (SDA)/Personal Ledger Accounts (PLA).

    A huge amount of funds is diverted into these accounts to avoid normal mode of payments after pre-audit checks to be exercised by Punjab’s AG being custodian of public money on behalf of the auditor general. It is a matter of concern that diversion of funds to these accounts has been on the rise during the last few years and at present, there are about 1,754 accounts and pre-audit checks are not being exercised by the operators (heads of provincial departments and principal accounting officers of Punjab).

    The matter was taken up with the Punjab Chief Secretary Nasir Mehmood Khosa via letter No R&C/HM-1609 dated December 2011, followed by a reminder R&C/HM/4486-87 dated February 29, but no response had been received.

    The AG requested the CM to look into the matter personally to strengthen the pre-audit system of payments out of the consolidated fund and discourage the practice of opening SDA/PLA except in unavoidable cases.

    There were apprehensions that such big gap could not develop without any ulterior motives. Some operators may have misappropriated or embezzled public funds and now they were not ready to reconcile expenditures with the AG, said an official requesting anonymity.

    Punjab Treasury Chief Inspector Amjad Saleemi said being the chief accountant of the province it was failure on part of the AG’s office to reconcile accounts showing a gap of Rs38 billion.

    About SDA/PLA, Saleemi said there was no need to get consultation from the AG to open these accounts of self accounting entities like Solid Waste Management and Arts Councils. On April 2, the finance department had directed the heads of the provincial departments and principal accounting officers to cooperate with the AG for reconciliation of accounts. The finance department spokesperson said that the Punjab government was fully cooperating with the AG for the reconciliation of accounts. If any department failed to do so the AG should stop payments of bills of defaulting departments, he added.

    Chaudhary Zaheerud Din, chairperson Public Accounts Committee of Punjab said, “We were pointing out financial mismanagement of Punjab’s rulers from the very first day.” The PAC would take up the issue in the next meeting and upcoming assembly session, Din added.

    Pakistan Peoples Party deputy parliamentary leader in the Punjab Assembly, Shaukat Basra, said the chief minister was putting a huge amount in ill-planned projects like sasti roti and free laptops without getting approval of legislature. It was a technical plundering of public money, he said.

  • And..........

  • ...and some fools still belive Punjab govt is not corrupt :)

  • Has it been proven in a court of law? ;)

  • Conversely, there is something which has been proved in a court of law:

    Imran Khan fathered illegitimate child, rules California court

    A Los Angeles court ruled that cricket hero-turned-politician Imran Khan was the legal father of a four-year-old illegitimate southern California girl.

    "Imran Khan is the father of the child," superior court commissioner Anthony Jones said on August 13, after a brief hearing.

    Khan, who had refused to co-operate by taking a blood test for the genetic determination of paternity, did not show up for the proceedings. His attorneys also failed to appear, so a default judgement was entered.

    Khan led Pakistan to a World Cup triumph in 1992. Earlier this year, he failed in his bid to become prime minister of Pakistan.

    "We believe the complaint, as originally filed, was ill-motivated," said Khan's New York attorney, Bernard Clair. "We believe the mother may have been the unwitting tool of my client's opponents."

    Sita White, who lives in Beverly Hills, had a relationship with Khan in 1987-88 and, when they met again in Los Angeles on October 2, 1991, she told him she wanted to have his baby, her attorney Gloria Allred said.

    "We did not request child support," Allred said. "We hope that, one day, he will open his heart to his little daughter and give her the love, respect and support every little girl deserves.

    "White got pregnant and Khan told her he hoped it was a boy. When he learnt the baby would be a girl, Khan expressed disappointment and said the child would not be able to play cricket. He urged White to have an abortion, but she refused," Allred said.

    Tyrian Jade was born on June 15, 1992, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Since her birth, Khan has neither seen nor spoken to the child although he and White have spoken periodically during that period," said Allred. "He never paid any child support."

    During his quest to become prime minister, Khan denied having fathered an illegitimate child, which could have made him ineligible to become prime minister.

    "He categorically denies the paternity of this child," Clair said. "We think to use the child as a pawn in such a publicity circus demonstrates, to us at least, that the mother has other reasons for pursuing paternity."

    Khan, 42, said he dated and frequented night clubs during his days as a cricketer and, before that, as a student at Oxford University. But, since retiring from sports in 1992, he said he has transformed himself into a devout Muslim.

    He even vowed to marry a woman who observed purdah (life behind the veil). But, in 1995, he married British heiress Jemima Goldsmith. His political opponents have attacked Jemima, the daughter of the late English billionaire, Sir James Goldsmith, for her Jewish heritage. Khan says, though his wife's ancestors were Jewish, she was Protestant and had converted to Islam to marry him.


  • ...ah the good old sita white fallback :)

    as if posting that will make the RS38 billion reappear :)

  • So when is PML-N taking the reporter to Court for this ABSURD Claim of his??

  • Sirf 32 Billion... That's peanuts brother. The richest country of the world pakistan can afford to give away 32 Billion to the poor like Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif.

  • During Pervez Ilahi times Punjab budget was on surplus.

    Now, however, Punjab is running on a giagantic deficit.

    Probably all the money was spent on bad governance, Noon and Chota Shareef marketing, corruption??, roti scheme, danish school, AC busses, laptop. All these projects might sound awami but people of Punjab and Pakistan would have to pay their price in times to come. There is no investment and power shortages so very less opportunities to grow revenue in near future but the deficit is expanding like a black hole..the result?? taxation on awam. So in the end, when you spend beyond your means mainly to gain popular support, awam suffers even more but how can shareefs realize that? onn ko hurr baat time nikalnay kay baad samajh aati hai.

  • @siddiqi swal chana jawab jo.... What about Dil shahad begum tahira syed Kim barker Bhool jate ho tum mere dost haji moulana peer of raiwind hazrat dhuli hui sarkar nawaz sharif ke kale kartoot.. Get a life mate coming up with some thing else new sick of noorers moaners rants abt great khan Sb.

  • If this STORY is true then thanks God money is in safe hands of Punjab Govt

    Otherwise Zardari and Co would have looted this money too

    Good strategy by Punjab govt

  • If the story was so authentic then why is it not conspicuous in today's Express Tribune; the very newspaper who reported it online yesterday.

  • News is authentic bro...


    They are going to try and "reconcile" and "find" the missing money....Lets hope they find it :)

    RS38 billion is a LOT of money to just loose...

  • Any news on the missing 38 Billion?? :)

  • Maybe NS has invested the money into his own business.

  • ^^^ or maybe bought a mansion and transferred the property to Jemima under a Beenami Agreement :D

  • Ask a question from a PMLN supporter and you will get these answers.

    Q:Did Shabaz Sharif asked for immunity from court?

    A:Imran khan has an illegal daughter.

    Q:Does Nawaz Sharfi pay a tax of 5000 rupees?

    A:Imran Khan used to gamble.

    Q:Was Shahbaz Sharif's yellow cab seam was free from corruption?

    A:Imran Khan is Za.ni.

    Q:Had Nawaz Sharif a deal with Musharaf?

    A:Imran khan has an illegal daughter.

    Q:Did Nawaz Sharif received money from Yonus Habib?

    A:Imran Khan used to gamble.

    Q:Did Nawaz Sharif receive money from Usama Bin Ladin?

    A:Imran Khan is Za.ni.







  • ^^^^ جیسا سامنے والا، ویسا ہی جواب

  • @ Addul Rafay; from ur discussion u r giving the message

    "Imran Khan is Za.ni. and Imran khan has an illegal daughter"

    i got the message since this is the only thing that is proven in the court are law; all others are allegations like benami transaction

  • Has anyone seen Any rebuttal from Punjab Government on this?

    Any inquiry ordered? Any update as to some or all of the 38 billion sum reconciled?