No Confidence in PML(N) Says Jamat-e-Islami Amir Munawar Hassan

  • Jamaat-e-Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan said Nawaz Sharif does not follow his own decisions.

    Addressing a convention of the JI candidates for national and provincial assemblies from the Punjab at Mansoora on Sunday, Munawar Hassan said that politics of reconciliation has been started in Punjab and in this regard Jamaat-e-Islami is in contact with all political parties but it will not form alliance with PML-N regarding seat adjustment in the upcoming elections however, it may consider seat adjustment with PTI.

    He said PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif had not fulfilled many of his promises. For instance, Nawaz announced holding an APC on Balochistan but it was never held, similarly, a joint meeting of the APDM and the MMA had decided to boycott the elections under Pervez Musharraf but later, Nawaz Sharif kept on wavering on the issue and finally his party took part in the elections, Syed Munawar Hassan added.

    Responding to a query regarding MMA revival, The JI chief said that in spite of the pressure from the MMA parties, Maulana Fazlur Rahman had not distanced himself from the PPP and President Zardari, instead, the Maulana was clinging to the Kashmir Committee and his party men were also holding several other high offices. As such, the matter of the revival was both closed and open.

    To another question, the JI Ameer said that even if Yousuf Raza Glani had the right of appeal against the Supreme Court judgment, morality required him to step down and then file the appeal. His sticking to the office of the Prime Minister was unconstitutional and immoral.

    aur Jamat-e-Islami Ka Oonth Baith gaya. Mataam in Raiwand.

  • @insaftak

    I suggest, don't use JI leader quotes, he is not quotable on many issues.

  • @ Sipahi

    I am just quoting his stance on PML(N) our arch rival. there are certain things we agree on with JI and our stance on PML(N) is what brings us together :)

  • @insaftak

    It is sad aspect of human beings that they more readily find common grounds to be "against" someone or something rather than be "for" someone or something.

  • @sipahi

    bhai did u notice that PTI&JI have same stance on election boycott & PMLN, which shows PMLN is lying about the boycott.

  • Potential PTI and JI alliance can hamper PMLN chances in elections. JI organization capabilities, election experience and outreach in pretty much all over the Pakistan can fill the gaps PTI facing in current scenario.


    Third News Item:

    Mohammad Hussain Mehanti , Amir of JI in Karachi seems to have more trust in PML (N). He is willing to cooperate with any party for the sake of country and nation.

    I do believe that cooperation to get rid of convicted YRG will benefit country and nation.

  • This MH is just trying to increase his price and with IK as the bidder even likes of Ghulam Ishaq are being sold 10 times then their price...

  • I am not sure how JI Ameer will justify among his worker his friendship with Convicted Adulterer Khan who think there is nothing wrong with gambling/drinking and has got more declared/undeclared girl friends/scandalous roaring affairs than hairs on his head and a person who thinks he can bend rules according to his whims and wishes and even chew niswar in namaz..

  • doctor Sahib Adab

    If you are refereing to thier religious thought, please do some revision in your thought.

    Its all about power grabbing, some find it easy with librelism others go for religion.

    JI should focus on charity works, people trust them when it comes to donating money but not when it comes to give vote.

    JI should realise this "long ago established" Truth

  • I think JI has very little election influence now; in karachi their votes are captured by ANP, and in other parts most of its youth is in PTI; They have a chance at few seats in kpk and lahore and possibly karachi; in kpk they can only win if have an alliance with jui; in lahore with pmln and in karachi very difficult now; their support to any party will be only symbolic

  • This is just to increase your rate........Nothing else.

  • I think Munawwar Hassan Sahib should talk to Liaquat Baloch and Fareed paracha before making such statements. They are so desperate for seat adjustment with PML-N that they may actually expel Munawwar Hassan from Jamaat-i-Islami if he tries to stop it.

  • Whats JI's electoral worth? Not even zakat ? in 1993 with its full pump & show , it managed 3 seats out of 207 . 1.5 % where zakat is 2.5% ::)

  • @SA: Good analogy on Zakat part:)

    Though I agree that JI does not boost the mass support they used too at one point, but they still have their ground troops intact. They still have the outreach and management in all electoral districts. Their old goons know the electoral management process and very much experienced in rigging and know how to counter the rigging and do not shy away from using the arms and fighting either.

    From PTI perspective, that’s a match made in heaven. Not only that this will pull some right and center to right votes in their favor, they will get the mussel they need to run the election at electoral level in all constituencies. They can fill the election experience holes for PTI and can provide very much needed street force for PTI just in case things get ugly. In process if JI score more then three seats they are better off then the last election. Secondly with PTI they can be at par in coalition, where as PMLN they know, they will always be secondary and would not be able to dictate the PMLN or make any impact on PMLN decisions.

    And last, why would anyone be surprise if PTI and JI join hands? after all their genesis are coming from same factory;)

  • Looks like Munawwar Hassan has some personal grudge against PMLN otherwise you hardly hear anything from anyother leader. As per my info even Qazi Hussain Ahmed is in favor of alliance with PMLN.

  • Only an idiot can show confidence on PML N. Bunch of Hypocryites, when one of the dengue brother was shouting " Go zardari Go", Ishaq daar was negotiating a deal with PPP on senate elections!!!!! Losers + Liars + Criminals = Dengue brothers and Co.