May God save Imran from Azaab-e-London

  • "We invited Imran to attend pakistan difah council long march but he went to london like he always does on critical times" Maulana Sami-uL-Haq.

    This is from main headline of Nawai Waqt today.

  • Has Nawaiwaqt started to play the role of Ummat paper here in Punjab?

    BTW, God will just save Imran Khan as he saved Nawas Sharif when he ran away to London on Raymond Devis release on the false pretext of a heart surgery.

    Or better yet, when Nawas absconded to Jeddah after "rough" treatment at the hands of Musharraf.

    When Imran goes abroad, it is not for checking his Swiss accounts or looking after his foreign property like Nawas Sharif and Zardari, or for fake heart surgeries, but for the genuine cause of charity and party fund-raising events.

  • گرمی کی شدت سے اگر کوئی انقلابی بچہ خراب ہو گیا تو ہمارا سونامی بدنامی میں تبدیل ہو جائے گا : عمران خان

    مولانا سمیع الحق ہمارے خلاف سازش کر رہے ہیں میں اپنے نازک بچوں کو تاقید کرتا ہوں یہ گرمیوں کی چھٹیاں آپ مری میں گزاریں : عمران خان

  • On top of that he is issuing statements from london dont open Nato supplies otherwise he will do this or that.....A

    High class hypocrite.

  • @Zufi

    "he is issuing statements from london don't open Nato supplies otherwise he will do this"

    Oh i am sorry do you have a problem with it? I didnt know you support the opening of Nato routes...

    Unfortunately i do not, which is why i am proud IK raised a voice against it even though he is away on a fundraiser... At-least he is doing something useful for the welfare of his people even though he is not in govt or opposition.

  • @zufi,

    I don't think you know the definition of "hypocrite" or you are using it simply as a form of psychological projection whereby one projects one's own state of mind on others. After all, Noon-league is known to be the worst hypocrite of Pakistani politics!

    In this case, as always, the top class hypocrite is N-league who actually supported opening of supply line in a parliamentary resolution but is pretending to oppose it.

    "On March 30, US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter had called on Mr Sharif at the Punjab House in Islamabad after the latter had presided over a consultative meeting of his party on the issue of Nato supplies. It is learnt that the US ambassador urged the PML-N chief to help the government in preparing ground for reopening the Nato supply routes.


    A source in the PML-N said that although it was a difficult task the party would need something in return as a face-saving compromise.


    “During the meeting Nawaz Sharif appeared to be melting, although he didn’t assure Mr Munter of his party’s all-out support,” he said."

    Why the above? Because Nawas Sharif have bank balance and assets in foreign countries, arguably through money laundering which is an international crime.

    The above cannot be true for Imran Khan because he has no weak point from which he could be manipulated. Remember, on one phone call from UK foreign minister, Nawas Sharif took a U-turn on his stance on APDM boycott!

    Do you get the perspective or will you blindly do propaganda?

  • @Vitamin-C and @Zufi,

    Plus note the credibility of a leader who is in London yet opposing something that affects the soldiers of the country he is currently in!

  • Did Sami ulhaq extended his invitation to NS as well?

    Or he think PMLN is part or government or already cut a deal with NATO/USA?

  • And may God save us from the Co-Chairperson of P(O)TI's Women Wing:

  • @Dusky

    Sami-ul-Haq knows very well who is under influence of establishment, So no use in extending IT to NS.

  • Imran Khan frequently visits London to see his gora sons Suleiman-Essa & Qasim, ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith & her boyfriend Hugh Grant:

    His past master arranged another trip to London to see

    Joker Versus Joker:

    This is what the Reports say about London wala Pir:

    It is very clear that Imran Khan is now suffering from memory loss

  • Pakistani Expat,

    But this time Zac Goldsmith would be helping his ex-bro-in-law with netting some fresh Jewish Fishes.

  • امریکی ناراضگی کا خوف؟؟؟؟

  • "Thorra Dooor Ka Sochchayn"

    Sub Pata Chal Jaiye Ga, Ilzam ke Haqeeqat!

  • @Pakistani Expat: What happen to Zulfi Mirza cases against MQM in SLY or Imran Khan cases against MQM in SYL? Or NS case against MQM when he was sitting PM and all the government was at his disposal? Why no treason case against MQM for Jinnah pur? Why he failed to ban MQM if MQM was involve in anti Pakistan activities? Why he chicken out on all the allegations he filed against MQM?

    All these videos are tested and vested many many times. Nothing come out of them. If any of these allegations had any realty they would have seen a day in courts in Pakistan or UK. Why Nawaz Sharif, Zulfaqar Mirza or Imran Khan failed to prove any allegations in courts?

    You can rant all you want but that does not make any difference on ground.

    Now back to my question, why NS was not invited to the "halal" difa council party? Is he not "kosher" enough or they think he is already intoxicated by NATO/USA?

  • @Pakistani,

    Imran Khan can easily meet his children as the latter visit their father every summer. Meeting children is anyway a legitimate requirement compared to seeing your foreign accounts, property or pretending fake heart surgeries.

    As for meeting his ex-wife, this will rather suit a person of NS character who made a relationship with another person's wife (Tahirya Sayed) which lead to the break-up of the latter's marriage.

    The reason, as I already stated, is simply to conduct charity or party fund raising events - both causes being for Pakistan and Pakistani people.

  • "Now back to my question, why NS was not invited to the "halal" difa council party? Is he not "kosher" enough or they think he is already intoxicated by NATO/USA?"

    Good point, but don't hold your breath.

  • More appropriate title of the thread could be

    May God save Rich London Girls from Azaab-e-Khan