Dera Ghazi Khan... NA-171 and NA-172

  • Dera Ghazi khan has only two National Assembly seats

    NA-171 (Dera Ghazi Khan 1) In 2008

    Amjad Farooq Khan Khosa Independent 36400

    Khawja Sheeraz Mehmood PML 39628

    Khawja Ghulam Nizam Ud Din MMA 14914

    Khawja Muhammad Dawood Sulemani Independent 16543

    Khawja Mudassir Mehmood Pakistan PPPP 19221

    Sardar Meer Badshah Khan Qaisrani PML(N) 35124

    NA-172 (Dera Ghazi Khan 2) in 2008

    Shabir Ahmed Khan Leghari PPPP 16226

    Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Laghari PML 61918

    Dr Hafiz Abdul Karim PML(N) 40460

    In 2008


    PP-240 Sardar Mir Badshah Qaisrani PML(N) 52402

    PP-241 Sardar Fatah Muhammad Khan Buzdar PML 25759

    PP-242 Muhammad Amjad Farooq Khan Khosa Inde 18968

    PP-243 Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa PML N 27829

    PP-244 Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan Khosa PML N 23752

    PP-245 Muhammad Mohsin Khan Leghari PML 18330

    PP-246 Sardar Muhammad Yousaf Khan Leghar PML 24927

    Bye Election on PP-243 and pp-245 , PML N and PML Q won...

  • PP-240 Qaisrani, pp-241 Buzdar,

    PP-242 to pp-244 Khosa

    pp-245 and pp-246 Lagari....

  • any updates and constructive analytic approached comments will be well come......

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