Rajan Pur.. NA-174, Na-175 & PP-247,PP-248,PP-249,PP-250

  • NA-174 (Rajan Pur 1) in 2008

    Khawaja Kaleem-ud-Din Koreja. PPPP 38484

    Sardar Muhammad Jafar Khan Leghari PML 50440

    Sardar Nasrullh Khan Dreshak. Independent 40049

    NA-175 (Rajan pur 2) in 2008

    Sardar Muhammad Awais Dreshak. Independent 4802

    Sardar Nasrullh Khan Dreshak. PML 46210

    Qadeer Shehbaz Mazari Independent 1247

    Meer Doost Muhammad Mazari PPPP 78427

    Sardar Zulfiqar Khan Dreshak. Independent 1528

  • any updates and constructive analytic approached comments will be well come......

  • pretty much tribal seats. 1

    Na-174 is either Leghari or Dreshak.

    Na-175 is Mizaris. Only thing to decide is that which party these guys join.

    No party matters here.

  • @ chudhary you comments about these two seats.....

  • @ muazzamAli bhai

    sorry dear no idea But i agree with Sharif Aadmi Bhai that No party matter in these areas.

  • may be xations bhai can tell us abt these seats .

  • yes pet tribel seats...what at that time which tribel is in which side......

  • All legharis will join PTi once the interim givt sets up, so PTI seats!!!

  • NA174 IN 2008 pmlq canidate sardar jafer khan legari win,,,he is next canidate of pmlq,,,ppp,,,,,while sardar nasrulah dreshek join PTI,,,,WHILE kalem u din koreja future pml n canidate...

    in NA174 UNDER PP 247,,,PP 248 in 2008 in pp 247 pml n candidate sardar ali gorchani win ,,,while in 248 ind. canidate win,,,now he join pml n,,,so pml n in strong poistion here...

    in NA 175 PP SARDAR AWAIS mazariOF PP WIN WHILE PMLQ IN 2ND,,NOW PMLQ CANIDATE JOIN PTI,,,while i hear sardar awais maari father meet nawaz sharif,,,

    in na 175 ,,,,pp 249 pp canidate win while in 250 pmlm n canidate win,,,

  • I belong to NA 175. Just requesting from this forum to both the main parties that dont give the tickets to Sardars. Give the tickets to your workers. I am 75 % sure PMln will win the seat if they will give the ticket to its worker. At the moment their active worker is Malik Kamal from Mithan Kot. He has his own votes of 20-25 thousands and if he will get a ticket from PMLn he will win or if not he will win in next elections and that will be the end of sardars. Again requesting to both the parties that please get rid of sardars and trust on your selves. Now all the Sardars are joining PTI. Owais legahri, Nusrulla dreeshak etc. Lanat hay aisay leaders pur jo aaya rooz parties budaltay hain aur lanat hay aisee parties pur jo inhain accept kurtee hain.

  • Can Pakistan ever have real democracy with everything being controlled by tribes?

    It is amazing that even PTI is counting on tribal support.

  • yes i too love too see tickets for works as compare to tribals

  • @sipahi,

    believe me it is not the tribes, It is the cowardness of political parties, they should not give the tickets to them. in our area, the population of all the main combined tribes is less than 20 %. But they are ruling us because we dont have any other choice. If these political parties give the tickets to workers, may be they will loose one or max 2 elections but sure they will win after that and that will be the end of tribes. Our tribes heads are always changing their parties. Dreeshak and Legari contacted PMLn before going to PTI but Pmln reused due to the local politics and due to their history. They went to PTI and Pti grabed them. Although PTI cant win the election on the basis of these sardars in our area but believe me such kind of people are defaming the PTI rather than giving any benefit to him. Where is the clean politics of the so called clean Imran Khan.

  • Just as an addition, PPP has its vote bank= 20-25 thousand, PMLn has 15-20 thousand, Dreeshak tribe= 10,000, Mazari tribe=12,000. Malik kamal=20,000 ( Worker of PMLn).

    In our constituency there is only one city and Malik Kamal was the union councel nazim for the last 2 terms. Sometimes he joins hands with Mazari and sometime Dreeshak for the main poltics.but both of them are not giving him share in the main poitics beause he is not a sardar. He joind PMLn during flood season when he saw working SS in our area NO SS and Nawaz sharif both like him and hopefully this time they will give him a ticket. If happen then 70-80 % sure he will win. because there will be 3 way fight between mazaries, dreeshak and PMLn.

  • @Masood abbas Bhai

    u have been consistnatly saying same thing that PMLN shud accomodate a worker here and he will win. I guess if some representative on PMLN is checking this page . i request him to plz go and vist Rajanpur and check the papularity of PMLN . and if that is the case than PMLN shud give tickets to workers rathar than to these sardars. Thanks.

  • @Masood abbas Salam Bro, just wanted to ask u has Nasruallah Dareshak joined pti??