SC Issues detailed verdict....WHAT NOW


    While PM escapes to London with family and friends

    ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) has issued a detailed verdict of the contempt of court case against Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani on Tuesday, Geo News reported.

    The SC issued a 77-page long verdict after it issued the short decision on April 26.

    Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani was convicted of contempt of court by the apex court for refusing to write to the Swiss authorities to reopen a corruption case and was sentenced until the rising of the court.

    A seven-judge bench of the court, headed by Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk, announced the verdict in the contempt of court case.

    Justice Asif Khosa also wrote six pages of additional note.

    On April 26, the Supreme Court convicted Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani for his willful intent of not complying with its order regarding writing a letter to the Swiss and other authorities for the reopening of illegal wealth cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. Within hours, the government announced its decision to appeal against the verdict.

    Prime Minister Gilani, became the first prime minister in a democratic dispensation convicted on the charge of deliberately disobeying the country's highest court.

    Justice Nasirul Mulk, while announcing the short order in the contempt of court case against the hapless premier, ruled that the accused, Yusaf Raza Gilani, is found guilty of contempt for willfully flouting the directions of the Supreme Court. PM Gilani was punished with imprisonment till the rising of the court.

    Reading an already prepared verdict, Justice Nasirul Mulk said, "For the reasons to be recorded later, the accused Yusuf Raza Gilani, the prime minister of Pakistan and chief executive of the federation, is found guilty of and convicted for contempt of court under Article 204(2) of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 read with Section 3 of the Contempt of Court Ordinance (Ordinance V of 2003) for the willful flouting, disregard and disobedience of this court’s direction contained in paragraph number 178 of the judgment delivered in the case of Dr. Mubashar Hasan vs the federation of Pakistan after our satisfaction that the contempt committed by PM Gilani is substantially detrimental to the administration of justice and tends to bring this court and the judiciary of the country into ridicule".

    Justice Mulk went on to read, "As regards the sentence to be passed against the convict, we note that the findings and conviction for contempt of court recorded are likely to entail some serious consequences in term of Article 63 (1) (g) of the 1973 Constitution which may be read as mitigating factors towards the sentence we passed against him," adding the premier was therefore punished under Section 5 of the Contempt of Court Ordinance 2003 with imprisonment till the rising of the court.

  • i suppose some parties will now argue

    1- let him return from UK holidays

    2- Then let him file an appeal

    3- Then wait for hearing on appeal

    4- Then wait for judgement

    5- Then wait for detailed judgement of judgement

    6- and Then wait for grand kids of Gilani's to become adults???

  • yaar iss mein actual detailed judgement kaa zikr hee nahi.

    I am pretty sure if the detailed verdict unambiguously cites the defection clause then Geelani will resign after the due process involving speaker and election commission as needed.

  • if care to read fully and click on the link takes you to full judgement as below

  • People like gay-lani never resign until their $$$ is kicked


    PML-N will again have to do this qaumi fareeza

  • I am pretty sure Geelani will resign if detailed judgement wants him to. There is no up side for Zardari to keep Geelani and face protests and create an issue at the time of election campaign.

  • Excerpts from separate note of Justice Asif Saeed Khosa

    With an apology to Khalil Gibran, and with reference to the present context, I may add as follows:

    Pity the nation that achieves nationhood in the name of a religion but pays little heed to truth, righteousness and accountability which are the essence of every religion.

    Pity the nation that proclaims democracy as its polity but restricts it to queuing up for casting of ballots only and discourages democratic values.

    Pity the nation that measures honour with success and respect with authority, that despises sublime and cherishes mundane, that treats a criminal as a hero and considers civility as weakness and that deems a sage a fool and venerates the wicked.

    Pity the nation that adopts a Constitution but allows political interests to outweigh constitutional diktat.

    Pity the nation that demands justice for all but is agitated when justice hurts its political loyalty.

    Pity the nation whose servants treat their solemn oaths as nothing more than a formality before entering upon an office.

    Pity the nation that elects a leader as a redeemer but expects him to bend every law to favour his benefactors.

    Pity the nation whose leaders seek martyrdom through disobeying the law than giving sacrifices for the glory of law

    and who see no shame in crime.

    Pity the nation that is led by those who laugh at the law

    little realizing that the law shall have the last laugh.

    Pity the nation that launches a movement for rule of law but cries foul when the law is applied against its bigwig, that reads judicial verdicts through political glasses and that permits skills of advocacy to be practised more vigorously outside the courtroom than inside.

    Pity the nation that punishes its weak and poor but is shy of bringing its high and mighty to book.

    Pity the nation that clamours for equality before law but has selective justice close to its heart.

    Pity the nation that thinks from its heart and not from its head.

    Indeed, pity the nation that does not discern villainy from nobility.

  • @buzz

    ofcourse PMLN will need to do that as now it is the only the only opposition party left in or outside parliament?

    Bet they do have lot of experience of such activities too!

  • "PM Gay-Lani must not resign for his conviction by no less than SC of Pakistan..........but PMLN should resign from assemblies"

    Guess who is the "brains" behind this theory?

  • I feel really scared after seen the links posted here, how deep journalism level reach!

    • How someone get the word format (PDF), it mean the Supreme Court computer is not safe or some of its employee leaking the original soft copies of judgments. This is really a serious issue.

    • In the latest PDF writer you can change directly in PDF format, so any one can add anything in it.

    • On last page (71/71) , there is clearly mentioned “NOT APPROVED FOR REPORTING.” Now Supreme court will take any notice against Geo Group at violation of its order………………????????????

    • In my opinion, one should upload the scan copy with signature after approval of Supreme courts, so no risk of manipulation.

    • I did not seen the note of Mr Asif Saeed Khan Khosa in this whole judgments, on separate link I seen it and I feel sorry of honorable Judge, because he is also the part of this Pity nation

  • I didnt realise prime issue in Pakistan is security and overwriting pdf files .....than the fact that PM is convicted

  • According to detailed verdict Prime Minister is no more PM..

    Further the sentences were used by PM, IK etc "Tafseeli faisla aney do" will have no grounds!


  • @Naseem good point.

    On last page (71/71) , there is clearly mentioned “NOT APPROVED FOR REPORTING.”

    This is a serious issue and clear breach of security. This means there is someone sitting in SC or SC registrar office who is leaking information to outsiders. Who knows someone many be eavesdropping into justice meetings about the discussion of SC cases and leaking it out the parties involve.

  • @ 1lhr

    I did not comment on PM conviction, I comment on the issue of violation of supreme court order. If you gone through complete report it is clearly mentioned “NOT APPROVED FOR REPORTING.” then why upload completely on net....?????

    I think my point is the word morality and Munafiqat here. It has different meaning for different peoples; this is the biggest problem of our society. I condemn this act of Geo group even lot of people may appreciate it. If it is published after supreme court approval the judgment will not change but news become more reliable in both legal and morality way.

    2nd yeah, this is big issue of security, normal in modern countries very clearly emboss draft or final in word art to avoid this kind of problem.

  • tahirnaseem

    do you also condemn PM not resigning despite conviction by a court no less than SC?

  • Justice Asif Saeed Khosa ne luch tall diaa..haahaahaa

  • Think judges should go home, they can't even ensure security of their papers.

    We, the nation, are happy with a Govt working round the clock for our betterment.

    And judges don't try to be philosopher, we already have enough. Be focused to the law and law only...

  • 1lhr

    This is not the point what i am discussing, if he is moraly corrupt then what about GEO group. Do you ready condemn it publically......

    I have the point that he should resign on moral ground not on leagal ground, and same now i am accepting from you will disclose and condemn the person who did this act and disobey the Supreme court order.

    Would you like....... to do same or the long lasting double standard i said in my last post............??????

  • @easy go

    This is common practice at this forum when short of logic start changing the thread topics. This is also the deep down mantality of our socity whenever see that they are not on stronge footing at one point they will start some other issue to point out. ha ha ha ha

    here we r not talking about government we know they are the worst, does it mean SC has to do the same ................