What is the delimna of nawaz shareef

  • I am unable to understand delimna of nawaz shareef. He has a perfect situation to hit a home run but I can't believe to see his actions. Has he lost it?

    He can make good alliances in all provinces to allineate Papp and PTI but still going on go alone policy.

    He is launching a major attack on one point agenda while he can build a great story on load shedding, inflation, non delivery on many accounts...

    Can some one help me understand?

  • As Dr Abdul Qadir Khan mentioned, he should quit politics and shoould dance at bars!!

  • re-posting an older post.

    There is a man who said the following:

    "yaa allah kia karoo..kuch samajh nahi aaraha. Abba ji ko bhi itni jaldi marnaa thaa"

    Guess who?

  • he can build a great story on load shedding, inflation, non delivery on many accounts...


    May be to drum beat these issues during election campaign.

    May be people get bored if same issues are raised again and again.

  • Hmm still something is missing.

  • He should quit politics thick head (moti aqal) mujara sunna cheyie Kim barker ki gud mei apna thabantu jesa sir rakh ker LASi marka paya Khor Janwer. Is there still something missing????

  • @achoota

    I disagree with u that he can make good alliances, he tried making an alliance with MQM not so long ago, however MQM kicked his back and sat with PPP.

    JI is not interested because they do not trust him.

    PML Q he opened all doors for them, some have come, some have come into PTI, but the main leaders are still with PPP.

    NS even gave an hint for an alliance with PTI recently but again not trusted, but PTI have stated that if he resigns from parliament than it can be discussed.

    So what does that leave him ANP, which is too busy with PPP, so all that is left is for him to either go it alone or stay with PPP and do there friendly opposition role.

    He could have built a good story on load shedding, inflation etc, but he was too busy playing friendly opposition and waiting for his turn which was promised by Zardari saab. That story now awam will not buy, as elections are around the corner and all it will be seen as photo shoot session.

  • What is meant by delimna?

  • @sipahi Na Jaye Raftan Na Paye Mandan I can't explain dilemma better then this...

  • maybe he should leave politics for the corrupt(PPP) , bhata khors(MQM) , soba parasat(ANP), Mulla(Fazlo +JI) and new comers kiddos(IK) who could be played around by the establishment..... for another round of loot bazari...