Peace confrence by Khalifa Jamat Ahmadiya

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  • Zionist christian and ahmedi muslims... controlling of minds... pickup the clue...

  • our Imam has taught us:

    "Galian sunn k dua do, paa k dukh araam do"

    we stand for LOVE and PEACE


    May Allah bless us all(including me and all ahmadis) towards the right path.

  • ahmadi biyya ap to naraz ho rahay hain...

    -- ap se mohbt hai ess liey ap se baat kar hain..Lekan main ne to suna

    "Galian sunn k dua do, paa k dukh araam do"

    "My enemies are dirty swine and their women are more wretched than bitches."

    (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 14, P. 53; Najmul Huda, P. 10, 53)

    "All Muslims regard my books with reverence and care and benefit from their sublime thoughts except those who are the offspring of prostitutes (bastards); God has put a seal upon their hearts and they do not accept me."

    (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 5, Page 547-548; Mirat-o-Kamalat-i-Islam, P. 547;

    Aeena-e-Kamalat Islam, P.547-548)

    [Mirza Ghulam translated this Arabic word as "Bastard" in

    Roohany Khazaen Vol. 11, P. 282)

    "The one who has no belief in our ultimate victory is fond of becoming bastard and he is bound to be product of fornication."

    (Roohany Kazaen, Vol. 9, P. 31; Anwar ul Islam, P. 30)

    "Are they prepared to swear? No, they'll never do so because they are liars and are derooting the corpse of falsehood like dogs."

    (Supplement to Anjam-e-Atham, P. 25; Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 11, P. 309)

    His eulogy about Maulvi Saadullah Ludhianwi was:

    "I look a sinful man among debauched who is more scoundrel and an execrated being like Satan... He who is called Saadullah by the ignorant is slanderer, wicked and a falsifier... You injured me, bastard. I won't be truthful if you won't have a disgraceful death."

    (Haqiqat-ul Wahi, P. 14-15; Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 22, P. 734-735)

    "If Abdullah Athum is saved from death (as per Mirza's prophecy) and if all the world say the Christian was correct, then the bastard will not follow the right path."

    (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 9, P. 32)

    "Abdul Haq is not content with our victories. He is itching to become a bastard."

    (Anwar-ul-Islam, P. 30)

    "There is nothing more foul than a pig in the world. But the ulema who oppose me are more foul than pigs."

    (Anjam-i-Atham, P. 21)

    "You have inflicted pain on me with your foulness. You are not truthful. I pray that you die in shame, you son of a harlot."

    (Anjam-i-Atham, P. 288)

    "This bastard of a doctor does not thread the straight path."

    (Anwar-ul-Islam, P. 30)

    He called Shaikhul Islam Saanaullah of Amristar:

    "O, the son of wind, o traitor..."

    (Ijaz-i-Ahmadi, P. 43/77)

    The puzzling thing is that he himself wrote:

    "I have never abused anyone."

    (Moahiburahman, P. 18)

    "He is worst who is abusive, his heart is as filthy as Latrine."

    (Sar-e-Sumain, P. 74)

    **"Abuses and rebukes are not the acts of a believer and a believer can not be a curser."

    (Azalat-ul-Auham, P. 66)**

  • Let me answer very briefly first then later i would answer each of these reference with proper reference, and would try to clarify things in the light of the truth.

    These words that were used were against the Christians who were very active in converting Muslims to their religion and would speak very bad about Islam.

    Our Imam did use apparently harsh words for dis-beleivers but mainly for those propagating against Islam.

    God willing would answer all of these in detail just give me some time to look up each of these and then come up with answers :)

    but would like to share one thing here:

    (Kitab-ul-bariya Ruhani khazaein jild 13 page 11):

    "unn ki tehreeron mein sakh alfaaz nehayat sakht hamlon k jawab mein huay hainaur wajohaat ye hain k awal mukhalifeen sakht jawab paa ker apni rawish ko badlain aur ainda tehzeeb se guftago karain aur doam ye k mukhlifeen ki nehayat hatak ameez aur gussa dilanay wali tehreeron se aam musalmaan josh mein na aein neez hazrat maseeh maood nay farmaya:

    'hum saleh ulama ki hatak aur shurafa ki toheen se Allah ki panah mangtay hain khuwah aisay oog musalmaan hon ya esaye ya aarya'


    would get back with answers soon!


  • ahmadi

    biyya, dushman kay dil jeetnay chahey na kay un ko galain deni chahe... Kia ap samjtay hain Mirza Ghulam ne christono ko galian day kar apni risalat ko sacha sabit kia... Kia nabi dushmno ko galian detay hain...

  • ahmadi

    ap ko main apprecaite karta hun kay ap ne yaqeen to kia... Yahan pe aik bajwa sahib hain... un ne to inkar hi kar dia... kehtay hain yeh galain mirza ghulam ki nahi bilkaay kisi ne khud banai hain... barhal ap bajwa sahib se behtar hain..

  • How can i negate something untill i have not found it out with proper references? I think Islam teaches us to consider everyone innocent untill 'proven' guilty.

    so i beleive, and if any of your mentioned excerpts are wrong i would prove it with proper references.

    and as for the harsh words even in Quran(start of parah 6) Allah gives an exempt to those jin per zulm hua ho (further al-araaf 67,61, Al-shuaraa 35, 28).

    Even hazrat Daood (A.S) called his mukhalifeen 'kuttay' (zaboor 59/6)

    Hazrat maseeh nasri (hazrat esaah AS) called hi mukhalefeen sanp, , zana kaar etc (Mathew: 4, 12/34, 23/34)

    our Imam used these words when people called him majnoon, bewakoof, gumraah and much much more.

  • Even hazrat Daood (A.S) called his mukhalifeen '****' (zaboor 59/6)

    Hazrat maseeh nasri (hazrat esaah AS) called hi mukhalefeen sanp, , zana kaar etc (Mathew: 4, 12/34, 23/34)

    See Ahmedi, you're a good person and good person don't take help of conjecture while proving their point. I don't believe hazrat Daood or hazrat Isa ever abused their oppenets. These are fabrications in Bible, 2000 years and what makes you to put faith on these fabrication as we all know Bible is corrupted and It isn't in its true form..... The Prophets never abused and they never violated any commandments of Allah... As for bible is corrupted... It is enough for you as i know you don't deny quran

  • ahmadi

    a person with a right aqeedah will never quote anything from those amended books.

  • People to tend to forget that the Qadianis were groommed and elevated by British colonialists. This happened because of rampant ignorance and corruption. The slogan of "peace" always suits the occupiers to enslave the masses. That is why they keep harping about peace.

    No doubt Islam stands for peace but peace comes AFTER kufr and fitna is eradicated. Prophet Sallal lahu Alaihi wassalam participated in 29 battlles and his companions in hundreds of battles in order to establish peace.

    The clowns in this peace conference want to establish peace to help the enemies to control and subjugate. It is not peace. The Ayat of Quran fits here for these clowns.

    When it is said to them: "Make not mischief on the earth," they say: "Why, we only Want to make peace!" 2.11