21 PIOUS Pakistani Journalists Going to UK With Convicted PM Yousuf Raza Gilani

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icPGcFyruf0

    Names of Jornalists: Jabran Peshimam, Shakeel Anjum, Tanveer Qaiser Shahid, Saleh Zaafir, Jamshaid Rizwani, Khalique Kiyani, Arif Nizami, Rameeza Nizami, Umar Mujeeb Shami, PJ Mir, Khalid Qayyum, Imtinan Shahid, Farooq Faisal Khan, Salim Safi, Mujahid Bralvi, Khushnood Ali Khan, Jabbar Khattak, Rauf Klasra, Sardar Khan Niyazi, Fareeha Idrees & Asma Chaudhry

  • @buzz

    Great topic!

    It is about time we expose these low-life blackmailers who call themselves journalists.

  • Worth noting

    Imtinan Shahid s/o blackmailer Zia Shahid

    Umar Mujeeb Shami s/o big mouth Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami

  • klasra/nizami/shami rewarded for well deserved job well done

  • ........Nimazi Saleh Zaafir Sahib


    Great intellectuals Rauf Klasra and Salim Safi

  • Not one surprise entry in the list of these 21 names. None of these has ever been known for honesty or uprightness.

  • Adonis bahi

    u can count on fingures the upright journalists; jo nahin gaye meray khiyal main un ki aksariat ko invitatoion nhain mila ya un ke owenrs ne kisi aur ko bahj diya

  • Adonis bahi,

    I think Nizami's of nawaiwaqt have enjoyed good reputation.

    When people were fleeing to Jedaah or sitting in laps of Gen.Ayub and Zia , Nawaiwaqt was taking the UNIFORMED ANGELS , head on.

  • Sharif Admi

    I sincerely Hope by saying this you are not justifying their tour de london.

    Asma Choudry/Fareeha Idrees.

    I never used word "Low Life" for any lady

  • @ mango mam

    Agree with your observation regarding journalists.

    Maybe one reason for the dearth of upright journalists is the type of intake in journalism. Normally, who becomes a journalist? More often that not, it is not the toppers in schools /colleges, not the cream of the crop but usually those who cannot do anything else become journalists.

    There are very few kids who want to be a journalist when they grow up. The salaries are low and working conditions not good. Even after the advent of electronic media, while the talks show anchors are making good money, the rest of the electronic journalists are being paid peanuts.

    This is one reason why some journalists resort to making money through blackmailing etc. Most working journalists are as poor as church mouse. Many not only lack in education, but in etiquette as well. Go to any social/political function at a 5 star hotel. You'll observe at lunch/dinner table, the people with the biggest mountain of chicken legs on their plates and eating it like there will be no tomorrow are invariably journalists.

    The status of journalistic profession is a classic example of garbage in-garbage out. No doubt there are some very noble exceptions. But these are increasingly becoming few and far between.

  • The programs of anchors are actually reality shows thats y people watch them; they have no impact;

    people even like talat say that people watch our programs because they like us otherwise they can switch to other channels; i wrote him that just compare ur programs with the punjabi dramas;

  • @ Sharif Aadmi

    Majeed Nizami of Nawai-Waqt group does indeed enjoy the reputation of being very upright and blunt. But this is not true for all nizamis.

    Arif Nizami, for example, has never been known for the above qualities and has always been more of a Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami. Majeed Nizami nipped the evil in the bud and expelled him from Nawai-Waqt before he could stage a coup against him as Shami did against Sardar Niazi.

  • i dont know what makes arif nizami an upright journalist?

    aik tv channel per aik tajzia aur doosray par doosra;

    Nazir naji is also..

  • Adonis

    You very righly said about the class of society who joined journalism.The other day a friend's daughter styding in Kinnaird College told me that she heard a news reporter who was in the campus to cover some event talking to his camra men.

    "Bro, I never thought that I'll be that close with Kinnard girls. thanks to reporting.My friends will die to hear


    It may sound a silly observation but it says a lot about the intellectual and moral level of our people in the business

  • جو رہ گیے ہیں وہ وقت آنے پرکسی اور کے ساتھ چلے جائینگے


    میں نے تو سنا تھا جو کچھ نہ کرسکے وہ استاد بن جاتا ہے

    نامی گرامی اور وفدوں کا حصہ بننے والے صحافیوں کے گر کچھ اور ہی لگتے ہیں

  • EasyGo

    بھائی جی آداب

    اب تو صحافی بننے کے لیہ بھی بڑی لمبی سفارشیں لگانی پڑتی ہیں .اسلیہہ اب کافی پڑھے لکھے بھی آپ کو یہاں ملیں گے .بس تھوڑا بےغیرت ہونا اور بوہت سارا بلیک میلر ہونا ضروری ہے

  • btw

    fareeha idrees clarified her position that she declined and is not part of the delegation;


  • Did she declined after TH's programme.Why at first place her name appear in the list.

    But on postive note, her stance should be appriciated.

  • weel as u read in the news probably the management of samma tv might asked her but at the last moment she declined (this is my guess from the news)

  • well my personal view is not gud about FI as far as journalism is concerned (infact she banned me from her facebook) but if its correct that one should appreciate