Gelani resigns and departs to UK to become PM of UK

  • Yeap this is true. UK has offered PM Gelani to become British PM. PM has departed immediately with a team of 70 people. The offer is given for his excellent performance as PM of Pakistan. The only condition to accept it by Gelani is that he will appoint one of his and zardari's buddy as chief justice of UK. The British govt. has helplessly accepted the condition. The new british cabinet will consist of 70 people team from pakistan, as gelani trust them more then any British person to flourish corruption in UK. The only condition put by the British govt. is that PM will be called as CM (crime minister)

    The contract is a two stage process. In the second stage president zardari will also join him as the king of Britain. The queen will migrate to Lyari to become the queen of lyari to learn lessons from Aman committee. Zardari will be called as king of UK(unlimited Korruption). zardari as king will stay in Surray Palace instead, as BB's soul can visit Surray palace with out hesitation as it is her own property.