Rehman Malik in Action - FIA Kidnap Accountant of Sharif Family

  • Punjab Police in police station Shadman Lahore Monday registered an FIR against some FIA officials for illegally kidnapping and keeping in unlawful custody a 70 year old retired accountant of Sharif Group the business concern of Mian Nawaz Sharif, the leader of PML-N, and two time prime minister.

    After the conviction of Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani and following Mian Nawaz Sharifís hard stance demanding Gilani to step down, some leading federal ministers have been openly hurling threats to the PML N leadership.

    Amid these high tempers one Muhammad Akram, a retired 70 year old† accountant of Sharif Group, complained to Shadman Police station that as he was coming out of mosque adjacent to his house in Shadman on Thursday night three persons in civilian clothes picked him up forcibly and threw him in a blue jeep and took him to a house after driving for 20 minutes.

    There they abused him and threatened him with dire consequences if he did not give details of Mian Nawaz Sharifs business concerns.It was only after the kidnappers learnt that Akram was a cardiac patient and had open heart surgery that they let him free after several hours.

    Akram alleged that during his confinement and questioning he learnt that they were functionaries of FIA.Police have registered a criminal case against unknown FIA officials and started investigation.

  • Why Rehman Malik is bothering with accountants?

    He should instead contact Imran Khan immediately who seems to have all the proofs of Sharif's wrong doings as he has been claiming for the last one year or so.

    Of course someone like Imran Khan who calls himself honest and upright can not accuse anyone else without having some solid proof.

  • Rehman Mali to be arrested for kidnapping and ransom...Rana S

    IK is looking to arrange for bail-before-arrest of Rehman Mali

  • Rehman the IG of Evils can not do any thing he is just doing it for cheap publicity.....

  • Zardari's appointment as the President was shortly followed by heavy demands of donations to Mian Mansha, Aqeel Kareem Dhedi and Khanani & Khalia. All three were demanded 1.5 to 2 billions rupees each. Mian Mansha took the support of Nawaz Shareef and saved his neck. Aqeel Kareem Dhedi took Altaf Hussain's support and saved his neck after making a payment of about 150-180 million rupees. Khanani & Kalia decided to resist the demand. Resultantly, they became the target of revenge. All these notorious affairs are said to be carried out through Abdur Rehman Malik.