Today i met with SS...and shocked to see him among protesters at ChungiAmersudu

  • I was coming back from my class ...people was i got jam in traffic...after few minutes...THE CM PUNJAB was seen in the protest...He was without a security people was loving kissing and hugging him....People really love SS...All traders which started this protest shocked to see the SS...THEY this is the only leader who can come among the People of Pakistan with out Security...when i asked a boy he said AQ khan has rightly said he is the man with full hard work honest and brave.....Today i got the answer why people love SS...So many projects and so many thing about SS none has done in past may be never do in future and when we compare Punjab with any province...Punjab is far head....Even Federal Government is not giving electricity to Punjab............

    I advice to CM come among the people...what ever one may say that you did lap tops for publicity not worry people has their mouths should go to streets...People love you ....Allah has given you respect...which can be measured the Dictator who send you out of the country is now out of Pakistan and just day dreaming of coming back and you are the CM of Punjab...That is the respect which Allah has given to you....

  • how can i post pictures here...i want to post 2 pictures of can i.....Ambersubho is a very populated area of Lahore and is at Frezpure road...1st stop of Mass transit system which will initiate at the end of this month...on the other hand rain water is still in interior sindh...That is the difference he not just started different projects but completed in a record time... I will not be surprised to see pml n under the leadership of ss wining almost all the seats from Lahore...May be after that People will say that Poll was rigged....I was too in PTI Lahore jalsa with my many friends we really enjoy it as it was more than a consert than a jalsa....

  • Bhai jaan, You made sure you hug and kiss him?

    kahein saadat se mehroom tou nahi reh gaey?

  • You know what was the real advantage of ss in the protest no damage to any thing.........

  • @ i was bit far but it was a great Sean of My life.... The CM of a Province whose population is more than 10 chore....the country which is on the hit list of terror....He was among the people with out any security and he came there at a rickshaw and wearing a suit which is hardly of 400-500 rupee....I hope no one feel jealous.....,But i am saying what i have seen....

  • He was without a security people was loving kissing and hugging him....



    کیا پاکستان میں لوگوں کا معیار اسقدر گر گیا ہے کہ لوگ اب وینا ملک کو چھوڑ کر شیباز شریف کو چومنا شروع ہو گئے ہیں؟؟؟؟؟

    یقین نہیں آ رہا - قیامت کی نشانیاں ہیں

  • @bsobaid bhai

    SS ko awam hugs or kisses hi dete hain............unlike Zaradri's killed wife ....jis ko us key jayale chappe dete the!!

  • i think he is a hero of punjab people,,,we pray for GOD,,he is our chief minister KPK

  • @bsobaid

    Bhai sorry to say but u r "Fazook kharch".Get back ur "e" from last word.

  • He will run away to Saudi arab in hard time... thats what history tells

  • how to post pictures??????????any one

  • unlike Zaradri's killed wife ....jis ko us key jyale chappe dete the!!



    استغفر الله - استغفر الله

    بھائی جی - کوڑھیوں کے عذاب سے بچو

    :) :)

  • شہباز شریف کو مت چومو یارو یہ نہ ہو کے وو آپ کو شادی کے آفر کر دیں :)

  • If he is not the CM then i say your history is right,...those who send him out are now out of this country...This is the justice of Nature and Allah....Now the dictator the master mind of Destruction of Jamiya Hifaza....can not come to Pakistan those are ruling and People love them are again among the People...........You have your right to say what ever you say....i do not want to blame any politation ...i know many form wifes to kids.....

  • @ insaftak hehehe......lolx

  • @ MuazzamAli

    How to post a picture

    اگر آپکے کمپیوٹر میں بغیر لنک کے ہے تو نہیں لگے کی

    اس تصویر پر رائٹ

    لنک کلک کریں اور پراپرٹیز میں جا کر اسکا اڈریس کاپی کریں اور میں پوسٹ کر دیں

  • pictures are at my PC.......

  • @Bawa

    استغفر الله - استغفر الله

    بھائی جی - کوڑھیوں کے عذاب سے بچو

    :) :)

    I am less scared of azab of کوڑھیوں

    than the ghaleez zuban of inqalabees


    i to have picture taken from my cell phone...but these two From CM Punjab official page.......