Twin brothers should sue Raymond Baker if they are inncocent

  • Raymond Baker not Raymond Davis, he was the one who they let go to there slavemasters US!

    Just in case u get confused

  • @ Respect Bhai

    Similarlly yahodi Khan Shud also sue Daily Ummet which narrates last year That Yahodi khan's Sitt-inns Drama was planned by ISI, USA and Israeeil and If That report is wrong... Will U suggest IK to do that ???? And Yahodi Khan shud Also Sue Wasington post which narates That Yahodi khan's 4th Political DAD Gen Pasha Arranged Yahodi khan's meeting with USA officials In dubai . Will U sugest Him to Do that ?????????????????

  • ^Bhai...any link to that Washington post story? Would apprecaite if you could find the wshington post site link..


  • @Respect Bhai

    یہ نواز شریف اور شہباز شریف جڑواں کب سے ہو گئے؟ نا ہی ان دونوں بھائیوں کی شکلوں میں کوئی خاص مماثلت ہے. کہیں ایسا تو نہیں ہے کہ آپ نے ان دونوں بھائیوں کے گنجے سر کی وجہ سے ان کو جڑواں بھائی لکھ دیا ہو کیونکہ ان دونوں بھائیوں میں قدر مشترک ان کے سر ہیں

  • chaudary801 Jee,

    Behoda Khan is an interesting but a crude nickname given to Imran Khan. His other nicknames such as Dharna Khan or Izlam Khan are not so crude. This time the choice of a nickname sounds very crude.