Why the perception of PML-N supporting PPP is growing?

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  • Because it's the truth and truth gets exposed one way or another. Who isn't familiar with these Zandeeq bradran?

  • The reason is because firstly there was a deal u have first 5 years then we will have our turn to loot.

    The second reason is nawaz sharif stated if everyone goes against Zardari i will stand by him.

    The third reason is because nawaz sharif was finding a girlfriend by the name of Kim Barker for Zardari. Until his own selfish intentions were exposed.

    The fourth because after years of friendly opposition he came out for go zardari go campaign, but then he joined hands again for 20th amendment.

    Now elections are round the corner and wants to outst the government to gain votes. But does not want to leave the parliament.

  • But does not want to leave the parliament like awais ahmad khan inqelabi?

  • we are speaking of friendly opposition noon league here!

    as for awais by him leaving or staying does not make difference to Zardari

  • awais inqelabi must not take any benefits from useless asembly and should resign; what do u say?

    itna pagal nahin ha leghari ke bongay ki bataon main a kar apni abai seat se bhi jae; ghaznawi, baghi etc. ki tarah;

    meray chanda

  • Again awais whether he stays or leaves does not make difference to PPP. However noon league leaving does!

    And yes awais leghari should but not too bothered by him, because does not make much difference if any at all to PPP.

  • you have jalsa at karachi but dont speak against us ... friendship between two parties

    we can make alliance with zardari but not NS. ....preferences of a party

    govt is corrupt, PM is convict but opposition should resign but awais leghari can stay in (may be to get chair of opposition leader).... obsession of the same party

    PM is convict but we dont want to topple govt .... strange but again friendship

    election boycott but clear and open support for PPP candidate from JH in multan and for PMLQ candidate in DGKHAN .... alliances

    and the story goes on and on and on

  • agar farq nahin parta to resign kar de; aisi useless assebly se kion benefit le raha ha?

    respect bahi ilzam khan asked him to resign and he declined; kia justification de rahay hain

    y ghaznawai, baghi etc. resigned?

  • I do not know whether IK asked him too resign and if he did and refused the he can stay there!!!

    Again should resign but does not make any difference to PPP or PTI, or too Pakistan

  • bahi jan woh lota ha; he elected on pmlq ticket and now joined pti; must resign and then must contest on pti;

    apna aik banday ko resign nahin kara saktay aur mashwaray sunay doosron ko; wah ji wah

  • i think u are not getting the point, yes he should resign however does not make any difference what so ever but noon league resigning will have drastic impacts to PPP.

    That is the point...................

  • u got my point; he should resign; then ilzam khan should ask NS to resign

  • It seems u have got my point, NS should resign if he is serious in outsting government, he does not need IK to tell him to resign, he should just do it. If not then stop this BS about outsting government and carry on sitting with his twin brother in crime and play friendly opposition.

  • u got my point ; ilzam khan ko apnay mashwaray (and lotay) apnay pass rakhnay chaiye aur NS should do what he thinks is politically correct aur bongay ki baton main nahin ana chaiye

  • Yes NS should do what is politically correct for him, "friendly opposition".

  • i agree with u "Yes NS should do what is politically correct for him"

    aur bongay ki baton main nahin ana jaisay awais inqelabi nahin aya

  • yes do not listen to IK, he should carry on with listening to his brother Zardari. Just carry on playing friendly opposition

  • just like awais inqelabi

  • PML-N resigning from the assemblies will give a great opportunity to the PPP to appoint their own election commissioner with consent of whoever is in the opposition post PML-N resignations and in such a scenario we can say goodbye to any chance of a free and fair election. The 20th amendment requires the election commissioner to be appointed withe consent of the leader of the opposition if I'm not mistaken.

    Anyway, there is no legal or constitutional bar for the sitting government to call bye elections on 186 PP seats and 91 NA seats. This government knows no morals and can easily take this route.

    Imran Khan should focus on harnessing his own "tsunami-esque" (if he has any) street power rather than just doing hollow gamesmanship with the PML-N. The PML-N is playing it smart by not falling for this instigation!

    PML-N must not resign from the assemblies as it will only cause the PPP and all other parties to unite and have an opportunity to call bye elections on all those seats and consolidate their positions.

    And by the way, if Imran Khan wants a free and fair election as soon as possible, why doesn't he put pressure on Yusuf Raza to advice the President to dissolve the National assembly under Article 58(1) or put pressure on the parties sitting in government to pass a no confidence motion against the Prime Minister that would lead to the President dissolving the assemblies under article 58(2)?